How Low Can You Go

These Boots Are Made For Walking

>> Friday, November 8, 2013

     Went for a walk a few weeks ago and was followed in a car for about 5 minutes. The guy was trying to talk to me and even pulled his car in front if me so that I couldn't walk. I started to freak out, because I was thinking what if he follows me all the way home? After this incident I stopped walking for a week. I realized that I cannot let some pervy guy stop me from living my life.  I went back out last Wednesday as well is this morning. 

Take that perverts!!! 


Slowly, slowly

>> Saturday, October 12, 2013

     Life is looking like some kind of normal. I got my fridge my stove (still have to get a pot and pan set). I went and bought some groceries; fish, fruits, veggies and unsalted nuts.  We are on a 9 day vacation because of Eid, so when I get up in the morning I have been doing Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred. Things are looking much better.

Thanks for the continues support! 


Stepped On The New Scale

>> Monday, October 7, 2013

 I bought this fancy smancy scale at IKEA last week:

It is a scale and a clock, cute isn't it?  I knew I had to buy from the time that I saw it.  I steeped on it this morning and saw 243. To be honest I thought it was going to be much worse.  I think when I left home a month ago I was around 237-238.  Also, I was once 272 so I think that I can deal with this.  Now that I have an apartment and by the weekend I will have a fridge and stove, I will go and make groceries, start to cook and make yummy, healthy lunches this number will go down.  

I have to now get up at 5 am to leave at 5:45 am.  This morning when I was leaving I saw two ladies running, I was so jealous.  When I get home from work it is still too hot to go.  I am going to have to work something out to get back on track.

Thanks again for reading!


Trying to Get Back Into It

>> Sunday, October 6, 2013

     I have been in the UAE for little over a month and my physical activity has become non-existent since I started working.  I have had enough of this.  This week I am moving into my apartment and I am looking to get some routine back in my life.  There is a fitness group that holds classes at a school near me and I am going to check them out later this week and unless they are terrible (I don't see why they would be)  I am going to join and try to go every night to various classes that they offer.
   I am getting my fridge and stove delivered on Thursday, so I will be able to cook again!  Yeah!! No more eating out, no more hotel living, I am so excited!

Thanks for staying with me!


Grocery Shopping in The UAE

>> Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I went to the grocery store yesterday and it is so different than at home. First of all you know how in Canada you buy fruits and veggies and place them in the plastic bags and at the cash you enter the code and the price come up according to the weight? Well here you have to weigh them with a man in the fruit and veggie section, get a sticker and THEN gk to the cash to be scanned. The first time I didn't do this I just went to the cash and had to put all my fruits back because the line behind me was too long and I didn't want to wait in line again.

    Yesterday I got banana, mangoes, pomegranate, grapes and avocados. I saw the largest mangoes that I have ever seen in my life they were the size of eggplants!!! I also bought a small jar of natural peanut butter for less than 2$ Canadian. I am still having trouble in the yogurt section. I am not sure if when the yogurt says plain it is vanilla or plain. 

     I ran for 25 minutes on the treadmill. Skin am happy about that. I want to try 30 minutes tonight but outside. It is so hot I am not sure if I will make. I want to work up to an hour so that I can sign up for the 10l run in December.

   I am also trying to head to Zumba again tonight. 

Thanks for reading! 


Zumba in The UAE

>> Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello again!  Last night I went to Zumba at the hotel.  It was 10$ and very fun.  I worked up a sweet and I brought along my American friend who had never done Zumba before and she loved it.  I am not sure how long I am going to be at the hotel, but I would really like to look into taking some of the classes.  They have pilates, power training, water aerobics and more.  I don’t mind paying or even buying a pass but I don’t want to pay for a month or three if I am not going to be in the hotel that long.

Now that there is no more breakfast box, I have to be at breakfast at 5:30 am and I only have about 15 minutes to eat before I have to leave.  I try and have some fruit and some protein. Today I had watermelon and a piece of steak, coffee with milk and juice.  Living in the hotel and eating out all the time is killing me, but I am really trying to make it work.  I have to say that since I have been here I have not put on too much weight (maybe 5 pounds if that) and I am proud of that compared to some people.  Since it is so hot here it is easy to drink a liter or two of water a day compared to back in Montreal.  I hope that you are all well.  


Guess Who Is Back!

>> Monday, September 16, 2013

I am back!  I know you think that I have forgotten about you but I have not.  Most of you may know that I have moved to the United Arab Emirates to teach Science and that is where I am now.  You can follow that adventure at Black GirlIn Abu Dhabi.  I am still living in a hotel but at least it looks like I am going to be there for a few more weeks, so I have started to get into a routine and I am getting back to the gym.  Since I am living in a hotel you can only imaging the food that I am eating.  Terrible.  I am trying to get to the grocery store and buy a few fruits and healthier snacks to keep in the tiny hotel fridge so that Ican have a little something healthy to eat.
   There is a 10k and a half here in Al Ain (I live in a city an hour and a half outside of Abu Dhabi) in December and I would love to run the 10k (I do not think that I can train for a half in 3 months).  I am pretty sure that I am going to sign up for it.  Yesterday I did 20 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the elliptical.  I am going to attempt to run outside today for 25 minutes but I hope that the heat doesn’t get the best of me.  I get up at 5 am to go to my school because it is an hour and a half south, so there is no morning gym for me, but I am going to try and go right after school.  They also have Zumba in the hotel for less than 10$ a class once a week.  There is also a running group that I am looking into joining so that I can get back into that.
I have a bit more time at school to post so I will do that more often now.
Take Care!


Gone But Not Forgotten

>> Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I am still alive, dealing with the overseas move,  I have put the gym and running on the back burner (for a bit).  Do not fret hopefully in the next month I will back with more to share.


Hot Yoga Revisited

>> Wednesday, June 19, 2013

     Hello!  I hope that this post fines you all well.  I have been back on the hot yoga bandwagon because my studio is giving 5$ karma classes every weekend in June.  I love hot yoga but at 20$ a class and 100$ a month for an unlimited membership, I find it impossible to be a member.  I have been taking advantage of the Community Classes (taught by a hot yoga teacher in training, also 5$) and Karma classes during the week.  If you are interested in trying hot yoga I would suggest that you look for a karma/community class in your neighbourhood and try it out.
     Yesterdays class was a power class (Very cardiovascular, constantly flowing through poses, more advanced postures) it was so hard that by the end I thought that I was going to throw up.  I didn't and I felt great after.

Hope that everyone is having a great day!


Morning Run

>> Monday, June 10, 2013

     Things are winding down at work at there are only a few more weeks left until it is all over.  This morning when I woke up something in me wanted to go for a run.  I got dressed and headed out.  I had to walk about 15 minutes before the Garmin kicked in.  I ended up doing a short run, but I felt great.
     Still have a goal of dropping 10% of my weight before heading to the UAE.


Ryan Gosling Is Waiting At the Finish Line...Topless

>> Tuesday, June 4, 2013

     This was the best sign that I saw during my half marathon in Ottawa two weeks ago.  Ottawa race weekend is the best.  This is my third year running and I would run every year if I could.  The WHOLE city gets involved, there are kids cheering you on, signs along the route, people screaming your name (TWO people actually said my name this year!).  The race is so organized and it is such a pleasure to run.  If you live near Ottawa or have the chance or are thinking of participating in Ottawa race weekend DO IT!  Be advised that if you want to run the half, get your bib by December because it sells out FAST!  This year there were almost 12 000 people running the half.
Waiting in line for my bib

We arrived Saturday and headed to the Ottawa Convention Centre to pick up our bibs and check out the race expo.
Everything was super organized and it only took me a few minutes to get my bib.
Even numbers are lucky!

Saturday evening the 5k and 10k races took place.  I went  to cheer on a few friends running the 5k.  Since our names are on the bibs I called out a few strangers names and cheered them on.  I find it so funny because most people forget that their name is on their bib and look at me and I am sure that they are scanning their brains to remember where they know me from, when really I can just read :)

5k Racers
Me on Sunday morning all smiles

Sunday was cold windy.  I was in short sleeves but I really should have been in long sleeves or a jacket, but I am an idiot and only brought this top.  I don't know what was wrong with me when I packed but I could not find my water belt (I am wearing a friend's) and I left my Garmin and home.  What the heck is wrong with me!?

The race itself wasn't my best, actually it was my worst.  I hit the 10k mark at 1 hour 19 minutes, which isn't bad, but that is when shit hit the fan.  The bottom of my feet strated to hurt and I had to run most of the race on my heels (I have made an appointment to se a podiatrist next week).  When I couldn't do that any more I walked.  To be honest I started playing little games with myself.  Just make it to the next kilometre marker I would tell myself.  Just make to the next water station.  You can do this.  I thought I was so behind and then the 2:30 pace bunny passed me (if you want to finish the race in 2:30 then you run with this bunny).  I was actually was surprised and then I was like hmmmm, maybe I can actually finish this face in a decent time.  Then the 2:45 pace bunny passed and all those dreams were dashed.

By this point, I was at km 13 and I just wanted to finish.  18 km is always where I get depressed because I can hear the finish line but I still feel like I am so far from it.  I kept looking our for the 18 km marker.  When I saw a marker coming up I was so happy.  Then I looked closer and it was the 19 km marker.  Woooo hooooo!  Only 2 km to go.

I finally made it to the end with a time of 2:59.  Terrible in my opinion, but you know what?  I did it.  At the end of the day that is all that matters!


Ottawa Race Weekend

>> Friday, May 24, 2013

     Is finally here!  I am going to be running my fourth (!!!!!!!!!!!) half marathon this Sunday in Ottawa.  Still can't believe that.  I have been having some foot issues, but I am praying that everything goes well.  I am just hoping that I finish in one piece.  The weather is calling for rain so I am not too happy about that.  I will let you know how that goes.
Wish me luck!


From The Back Burner To The Forefront

>> Tuesday, May 21, 2013

     I have put my health on the back burner these last few weeks, because I have been dealing with the ADEC interview process.  Now that I am done and things are pretty much confirmed, I can back to focusing on me.  I do have the Ottawa Half Marathon this weekend and I am not as excited as I usually am.  I am more prepared than last year, but I am not as ready as the first year that I ran.  I will just pray that I finish uninjured.
     Before the big move in August I want to drop a few pounds.  

Step one:  Drink more water.

That is this weeks goal.  Drink 2 L of water a day.

Baby steps....


I Knew It Was Too Easy

>> Friday, May 10, 2013

     Things were going so great and I knew that it had to end somewhere.  I went for sushi last night and really tried to be on my best behaviour and control the portions that I ate.  Nevertheless, I left and still felt really full.  I am up on the scale and I am going to spend the next few days getting back to where I was.  I went to the gym today during my break and school and figured that 30 minutes is better than nothing.  Got in my 70 squats.  

Have a great weekend!


Another Good Day For The Books

>> Thursday, May 9, 2013

   Went for a 30 minute run with my running club after school yesterday, it was great.  The weather is perfect and I love talking to the girls outside of school, that is when you really get to know the students.  The girls are really starting to see improvements in their improvements.  Some of them couldn't even run for 2 minutes when we started and now they can run for 10 or more minutes without stopping. I then headed to the gym and did my workout. Stepmill, inclined treadmill walk, elliptical, squats.  I did my 60 squats for my Squat Challenge, tonight I am tackling 70.  My hamstrings are starting to burn, I think I need to roll them out on the foam  roller.
     Tonight I am going to a sushi dinner with my running buddy. I am going to be control my eating and not let the rolls get the best of me.  I am going to focus on the sashimi (fish only) and not eat too much.  I am so close to being out if the 230's that I am not going to let this dinner get the best of me.  It is only dinner right?  I am there to enjoy the company and the conversation, not the food, right?

     I have to do something about my arms, they are looking like a crying shame.  I am going to spend some serious time at the gym  getting them back into shape.  

  • bicep curls
  • hammer curls
  • rows
  • tricep kickbacks
  • overhead presses
  • tricep extentions
Have a great day!


A Great Day

>> Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Things are going really well on this side of the screen. I have been eating well, loading up on the fruits and veggies and staying away from the sweets. I have also been hitting the gym. I forgot my headphones at home, so you know what I used??? My cell phone head phones, worked like a charm.
I just want to say that I hate when they change the instructor of a class on you. I was all set to do bootcamp with Kareem and I show up and it is some other chick. I contemplated for a minute to go home, but I just hit the machines instead. I am so proud of myself!
Have a few challenges coming up (sushi dinner, school sleep over, Mother's day), but things are going so well that I am not going to let them get me.
Also did my 55 squats for the day, so far so got, not feeling the pain yet.


No Gym

>> Monday, May 6, 2013

     Didn't make it to the gym since Wednesday.   Thursday had to stay after school to help with the performing arts festival and then some of the teachers went to eat sushi.  The good thing is that I didn't feel overly stuffed when I finished eating.  I had brought my gym clothes to school and like a dodo I left them there.

I saw this on Twitter last night (@MissHaneefa), anyone interested?  I am going to start today!

Oh guess what!???  The scale is moving!!!!!!!!  YEAHHHHH!!!

*happy dance*

P.S.  Has anyone done Dietbet?  What did you think about it?  I am thinking of joining one, any info would be appreciated! 

Have a great week!


Change A Come

>> Thursday, May 2, 2013

     I was so sore yesterday that I had to power walk during running club.  No matter, I was still outside getting something done.  I was so tired that I didn't want to go to the gym.  I made myself go, I told myself that I only had to do 20 or 30 minutes and that is what I did.  I did 30 minutes on the Stepmill (sweating like a mofo) and I am happy that I at least did that.
   I am really making an effort to eat better so I tried these from the health food store (5.19$ for 4 burgers).

     They actually tasted pretty good, I could have added a bit of pepper sauce but  I was surprisingly impressed.  I ate two patties with a side of quinoa salad.

   The scale is starting to move, I am hoping to take the month of May to move back into the 220s.

Take it from me, it is never to late to get back on track.

I just wanted to say RIP to Chris Kelly from the group Kriss Kross. He was found last night and they are thinking it was a drug overdose.  I was a HUGE Kriss Kross fan back in grade 6.  I even had their second and third album.  I remember some biys in my class wearing their clothes backwars and I remember my friend and I pausing and rewinding the Totally Krossed Out tape to write all the words to Jump (back when not all tapes had the lyrics in the sleeve).  My prayers go out the his family. Mac Daddy, you will forever be jumping in our hearts.


Good Pain

>> Wednesday, May 1, 2013

     Ahhhh yes, that pain you feel the day after a great workout.  My legs are so sore that I have to hold onto the sink when I sit on the toilet.  The truth is...I LOVE IT!  I love that soreness in my legs, I love the pain in my abs when I laugh or cough. 
    Can I just ask why is it that I eat one meal I gain four pounds yet, I work out like a dog and eat well for a few days and the scale doesn't move?  #justsasyin

     Tonight we have run club, the weather here in Montreal is FINALLY nice.  And then I think I am going to head to Zumba and Body Design if I can make it.  

Have a great day!


Gym Flow

>> Tuesday, April 30, 2013

     Let me start by telling you about last weekend.  We celebrated my father's 65th birthday and it was great.  Except for the fact that I suffered from a terrible migraine.  Up until three years ago, I had never had a migraine. Now, I get them about twice a year, I have concluded that it is probably due to the change in pressure when the seasons change.  They are absolutely terrible, the lights have to be all off in the room and all I can do is lie down, usually I have to stay home from work.  I am lucky that they only last a day.  I truly sympathize with people who suffer from migraines on a regular basis.  The one that I had this weekend was the worst I have ever had.  Because of the party, I really tried to put on a brave face but by 10:30 pm I had to go to my parents room and lie down.  Since the party was still going on downstairs, the volume was so loud with people talking and laughing, as well as the music.  At midnight, I finally told my parents I had to go home.  My mother was really sad to see my go, I felt terrible.  
     The next morning (Sunday), the pain was still there.  I had to cancel my 12K run and just lie in bed in pain.  I finally send a text to my parents that they had to come over and bring me something for my head (I hate taking medication that I do not have to take).  I am sure that they knew things were serious because I NEVER ask for help.  They came with some Advil gel caps and the pharmacist said to take 3 every 4 hours.  I did and by the end of the day I felt so much better.

    On to yesterday, feeling like a new person, I went back to the gym, trusty polar in hand on wrist.  I did 30 minutes on the stepmill, 30 minutes inclined walking on the treadmill and an hour Tabata class.  For those who done know Tabata is:

•     4 minutes long (whole Tabata Session)
•     20 seconds of intense training
•     10 seconds of rest
•     Total of 8 sessions or rounds

After the whole workout (1h and 54 minutes) was done I burned....1164 calories!!!!! Damn homey!  

My polar has proved a few things to me:

  • I work out hard (it is nice to have a machine confirm what you know)
  • I am regularly in the cardio heart rate zone (and sometimes over)
I went to bed nice and early and woke up this morning with time to spare so you know what I did?  I went to the express spinning class this morning! Woop, woop! Go me!

I am taking 30 students in a race today.  I cross my fingers that they do well.

want to talk about one last thing.

When I started this blog, I did it because I wanted to share my story and be part of a community that was like minded in losing weight.  I also knew that many black women didn't work out and there wasn't tons of blogs about black women trying to lose weight (this was back in 2008).  I never thought that my blog would be a resource that people turn to. Honestly.

I looked at my blog stats yesterday and realized that one of the keyword search terms that bring up my blog up on google is "African american weight loss blogs".  When I typed it in my blog comes up THIRD.  I was floored.  In all honesty I never looked at myself as a role model (I still kinda don't) for blacks (or anyone for that matter) trying to lose weight.  I was just being me, telling about my trials and tribulations in trying to get fit.  We have shared so many firsts, my first 5k, my first 10k, my first half marathon.  When I tried hot yoga, pole dancing, cross fit.  This really has been an eye opener for me.  I sometimes forget that this is the internet and I can reach so many more people that I think I do.


Thank you to everyone that reads, I do appreciate it.  I want to thank those who comment even more.  You have gotten me through some hard times.  Blogging has been a positive experience for the most part and even though there have been times I wanted to close up shop, I am still here, I am still standing, I am still strong (Antoine Fisher voice).

If you have any comments feel free to leave them.

Would LOVE to here what you think about what I just said.



I Heart My Polar

>> Sunday, April 28, 2013

This is the summary of my workout today with my new baby. I did 4 minutes on Jacob's Ladder Ladder (that thing is a biotch, I cannot do anything more than that). Twenty minutes on the elliptical and and hour of Zumba. I really love how easy the polar is to use. I am so curious to see how many calories I would burn during hot yoga. Monday's goal is to beat 900 calories.


A New Toy and other news

>> Thursday, April 25, 2013

     First of all let me say thank you for your kind words yesterday.  I know that this sounds so cliche, but it was what I needed, I always seem to forget the big picture.  Yes, I am up in my weight, but I am still down from my highest.
     I went online last night and ordered a Polar FT4,  I figured I need something new to help me get back to the gym and I am hoping that this is it.  I read countless reviews and everyone seems to talk highly of this Polar.  I know quite a few bloggers use it also.

I am hoping that I can get back into classes/cardio/hot yoga/weight training and track my calorie usage and heart rate.  I am super competitive so I am hoping that I can try and beat my numbers on each day that I use it.

So it is official, I have been offered an in person interview to teach in the Middle East.  My interview will be in Toronto on May 16th, pray for me.  I am excited, scared and nervous. If you want to read more about that journey, I have started another blog.  Black Girl in Abu Dhabi will chronicle my journey to (hopefully) teach Science in Abu Dhabi.

If you have this watch what do you think of it?


Giving Up

>> Wednesday, April 24, 2013

   I think I have given up.  I still run yet I have not been in the gym in forever.  I don`t know how I once had so much motivation and now it is all gone.  Maybe it is because my future like so many things nowadays is in the cloud.
    I long for the days when I had organization in my life.  When I ate well and went for to the gym.  I am sure that I could have those days back but I am at a lose at how to get where I used to be.  I long for the days when I weighed 209 or even 214 hell even 223.  Every few months the numbers just keep climbing and I am at a lose at where to begin because I feel as if I have already thrown in the towel.



Run For Boston

>> Thursday, April 18, 2013

     After the tragic events that occurred on Monday in Boston.  I decided to dedicate my Wednesday running club run to Boston.  My girls loved the idea.  We ended up running 6k and one girl even brought her dog and he ran with us.  I took this time to reflect of the things that are important to me and thank God for what I have.  Yes, I can stand to lose about another 50 pounds, but I am up and active and I am able to do that.
    Hope that everyone has a great week, if you have a run this week, dedicate it to Boston.


The Last Few Days

>> Tuesday, April 16, 2013

     The last few days have been so crazy.  Life is really taking me to places I never thought I would go, I will let you know more about this soon, all I can say are there are BIG changes happening in the next few months. I don't want to say too much until things are a little more sorted out.  Here is a recap of the last few days.


  • I went to see Oprah!  She was amazing.  Especially for me with where I am in my life right now, her words really got me thinking about myself and my life.  I went with my mother and I had an excellent time.  The tickets were a bit pricey (120$ for the nosebleeds) but it was worth it.  My only regret is that I did not take any notes.  I saw a woman in front of my taking a few notes on her iPhone but I just wanted to sit back, listen and reflect, I really regret that now.

  • We had a snow storm here in Montreal.  I was not impressed. Snow in April, no bueno.  I had to drive downtown to get a police check for my new endeavor (like I said earlier more on that to come).  I hung out with my friend who lived closer to downtown so I wouldn't have to tackle the highway in the crazy weather.  We ended up eating at a yummy taco restaurant that is a food truck in the summer.  If you live in Montreal check out Grumman 78 in the Place St-Henri area. I especially loved the BUFFALO BITS salad/chicken wings.  The salad was had blue cheese, walnuts and green apples.  YUMMY!

  • Did nothing.  I watched Dexter (my new obsession) and chilled out. Was suppose to go for a 16k run, but my running buddy postponed until Sunday.

  • Running buddy cancelled, luckily I had another friend waiting in the wings.  Went for a 16k run that turned into a 17k run and it was horrible. Around 10k I got a stitch in my side that went away for a bit , but then got worse.  Eventually it felt as if I had an ice pick stuck in my side and I had to walk.  Then we encountered a crazy hill.  Then my ankle started to bother me.  The I felt nauseous.  Let me just say that shit hit the fan on this run and I had to walk the last 3k.  I was sweaty, cold and it was windy.  I could not wait to get back to my car.  I swear I wanted to cry. But at the same time I thought to myself that i didn't give up and I did it.  I think the reason that I felt so sick was that I did not eat enough that morning, I am going to have to rectify that in time for the race.
  • I am proud of myself that even thought my training is not at its best, I am MUCH MORE prepared this year than I was last year.
  • That is another thing that I took home from Oprah on Thursday, I am really trying to focus on the positive these days.  Even when people at work or friends say something, I really try and look at the positive in the situation.  People are noticing

  • Went for a 3k run with the running club, even though the only ones that showed up were me and another teacher.  It was a beautiful day so I didn't mind.  It made me happy when I realized that I had almost run the half distance in two days.
  • Shocked at the news of what happened at the Boston Marathon.  I have never run a marathon, but I have done a few halves and marathons are usually being run at the same time.  I know what it is like to be at the finish line tired, but happy.  I can only imagine the chaos that ensued yesterday.  My prayers are with everyone who was touched my this tragedy.
The scale is finally moving. HALLELUJAH! 


Sad News

>> Friday, April 12, 2013

Hey all.  My heart is heavy right now because I found out that blogger Lorri, from Token Fat Girl has past away.  Read the article here.  I did not know Lorri personally, but her blog was one of the first weight loss blogs that I ever read.  My prayers are with her husband and family.


14k Run This Weekend

>> Friday, April 5, 2013

    Yikes!  I have not run 14k in, ummmm, forever.  I am hoping that the weather holds up (yes, we had snow today, in April).  I have been avoiding the gym.  I am just not in the mood.  I have been eating better so that is a good thing.

Do any teachers read my blog, has anyone been overseas in the Middle East to teach?  If you have please hit me up, I would love to pick your brain.

Have a great Friday!


On The Road Again

>> Tuesday, April 2, 2013

    Let me tell you a secret, I haven't been running.  I have a half marathon at the end of May and I hadn't hit the road since January, I thought about it a lot, but never actually put my feet on the pavement.  Then something happened last Thursday.  I was on Twitter (@MissHaneefa --> shameless plug) and a friend of mine that I used to run with at the Running Room was talking about going for a run on Good Friday.  She then invited me to come with her, after a lot of himming and hawing (is that even how you spell that?) I agreed to join her on a 6K run.
    The run was actually pretty good.  I was sweating like a mofo, but I was so happy that I was out and I was surprised that I wasn't as out of shape as I thought I was.
     You know that saying one good turn deserves another?  Well this was one good run deserves another.  I went out on Sunday and did a 11.6k run!  I am so proud of myself.  Along the way I had a few people beeping at me giving me waves and thumbs up.  I really felt like a million dollars.
      Today I am going to try and tackle some hills.

     I am thankful for my friend for getting me out.  We are going to continue the tradition and go for a run a Saturday, this week we are doing 14K.  Wish me luck!


When Life Gives You Spinach...

>> Thursday, March 28, 2013

     Make a smoothie!

    I heard about this Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox and I really wanted to try it.  I went to the store and bought all the ingredients.  Basically you are drinking four shakes a day.  I made the first shake to drink on Tuesday and it was soooo nasty that I scrapped the whole thing.  The problem was I had purchased all these ingredients.  So now I am doing my own thing using the ingredients that I purchased.  The lucky thing is that everything I bought are things that I normally eat (kale, spinach, mangoes  etc...)  One of the things that I bought was a huge bag of spinach from Costco , so now everything that I make has to have spinach in it to ensure that I don't waste the bag.
     Last night I made a spinach and strawberry smoothie with coconut water and vanilla yogurt.  DELICIOUS!
     For lunch today I have a spinach salad with mango, avocado and red onion with an orange mustard dressing. Yum squared.
     I am also getting together with an old running buddy to go for a run tomorrow.  Yeah!  I hope that I can make it.

Have a great day!


Anorexic Woman at the Gym Looking Good

>> Wednesday, March 27, 2013

   I am eating better these days.  More fruits and veggies.  I have been avoiding the gym, that is going to be the next step.

Has anyone seen this? Anorexic Woman at the Gym Looking Good .  The funny thing is at my gym there is a girl who is clearly anorexic.  I know because she was at the last gym I was at and the trainer told me that she was asked to leave because she was at the gym for hours at a time.  She goes hard.  Five hours + at the gym everyday giving 150% for the whole time.  I know that this isn't the topic of the article but do gyms have the right to ask someone to leave if they think they are working out too much? DISCUSS.


Miss Me?

>> Monday, March 25, 2013

     HELLOOOOOOO!  I know that I have been MIA for a bit.  I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a number that I haven't seen in years (not in a good way).  This kicked some sense in my ass.  I need to get my shit together and stop playing like I can eat whatever the hell I want.

     I am going to sit down tonight and make a plan as to what I am going to do to get back into the mind set where I care.  Because I have not been caring about myself lately and that is not right.  I will let you know what this plan consists of tomorrow.

Have a great day!


A Mini Rant About Biggest Loser

>> Tuesday, March 5, 2013

     Last night I attended step class.  I forgot how fun it is.  This class was a bit advanced and they have been working on the routine for 4 weeks, but I am really proud with what I did.  I am pretty rhythmic and can pick up routines easily so I think that I did a really great job with the choreography.  Especially with all the turns and the crossover moves.   I love that step not only works your body but it also works your mind because you have to pay attention at all the steps and remember the choreography.
   This morning I did an hour of walking incline on the treadmill and I am going hit bootcamp this evening.
   Can I just rant a bit about the Biggest Loser?  This is the first time that I have actually watched the show from beginning to end. Last night was the makeover episode in which the gave each of the remaining contestants a new look.  The thing that REALLY irked me was that all the women were trying on new clothes in WAY smaller sizes that they had ever worn and all they are saying is, "I could have never worn a cute dress like this when I was bigger" or "They don't make cute things like this in my size/it doesn't look good on me in my size". Don't get me wrong I see where they are coming from, but I just have to be a bit mad that they COULD have worn cute stuff at a bigger size.  I see so many blogs of beautiful women who are bigger that are SO stylish it is unbelievable.  I have seen women that are more stylish that most people twice their size.  I think that you can be bigger and still dress like a boss. 

     My Biggest Loser Spring Break is a success so  far and I am down almost 5 pounds *high five*  I have a 7K run in my future tomorrow and I think that I am going to hit up hot yoga with one of the free passes that I acquired.

   I am really happy with the progress that I am making and I am just hoping that I can keep it up. I made some honey mustard salmon for dinner so I will pair that with some cauliflower.

Have a great day!


Biggest Loser March Break

>> Monday, March 4, 2013

I saw this picture on Pinterest and I thought it was so cute.  While most people are chilling on the beach for March Break I have decided to get my shit together (again).  I started yesterday.  I had an interesting breakfast.  I remember Ro doing something like this once so I decided to try it.  I sprayed a frying pan with cooking spray,cut up a banana and a green apple.  I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon and about a teaspoon of vanilla in the pan. I let it cook for a few minutes and then I had it with some coconut Greek yoghurt, let me tell you it was yummy!  For lunch and dinner I had jerk fish with broccoli.

I also hit the gym.

I am really proud of myself.

This morning I hit the gym after having some grapes for breakfast.  I had the rest of the fish for lunch.  There is this step class this evening that I am going to try and get to.

Yesterday, I sat down and made a grocery list as well as list of possible breakfasts and snacks.  There are the areas that I have issues.


  • Shakes
  • Omelettes with turkey bacon
  • Oatmeal
  • breakfast burrito  (scrambled eggs with thyme, a bit of shredded cheese and salsa in a wrap)
  • Mini frittatas 


  • Greek yoghurt
  • Fruits
  • Shake
  • String cheese
  • Nuts
  • Dried Fruit
  • sorbet
  • frozen yoghurt
I am taking a little break from meat for awhile so my dinner are mainly fish/seafood and veggies.

I have also been going through my old issues of Oxygen magazine to get food tips.

I think that I am on the right track, wish me luck.


Questions and Answers

>> Friday, March 1, 2013

I got this over at All the Weigh.

Questions and Answers


1. Did you watch the Oscars? If so, who did you enjoy seeing most? I love award shows, so I was front and center at the Oscars (from my couch of course).  I don't think that I have any one person that I wanted to see but Chalize Theron looked STUNNING!
2. Do you drink meal replacement shakes, smoothies, etc? Not really, I did awhile ago, maybe I did to get back into it...
3. Share one thing you have done to help someone in the last week? I spear headed a collection for a student at my school whose house burnt down a few weeks ago.
4. What is the tastiest thing you ate last week?  I had Indian with some people at work last night it was yummy.
5. Think of one fun thing that you could do this week without spending any money to do it. I would love to have some people over for a games night.
6. Share one place that you’ve been to and would like to visit again.  I would love to go back to Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.
7. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? I don`t have Facebook so I will have to go with Twitter (@misshaneefa)
8. What is your favorite vegetable? Hmmmm, broccoli and red peppers.
9. Share a goal that you have for the month of March.  I would just like to get my shit together.  I want to get back to the gym on a regular basis and start back eating well
10. Share a quote that inspires you. Edith Wharton--"There are two ways to spread light: be the candle or the mirror that reflects it"

Have a great weekend!


The Biggest Loser During March Break

>> Thursday, February 28, 2013

     Hello Strangers, I know that I have been MIA but I have been chillin like a villain, probably chillin a little too much.  Next week is my Spring Break and I will be off for two weeks, woo hoo.  Since I decided to not go on vacation (trying to get these finances in check) I came up with the genius idea to have a Biggest Loser style staycation.  What does this mean?  It means intense workouts, morning and evening (2 hours each set, mixing classes and personal workouts).  Eating like I am champ (protein shakes, lots of fruits and veggies and high on the protein).  

    Sidebar---speaking of protein, I don't know what is it but I am really not a fan of meat these last few weeks.  I have been eating fish, lentils and I think that I am going to try and jump on the tofu wagon.

I just want to all around shape up,  I have been in a funk and I really need something to help me get out of it and this could be that something.  I like this idea and I think that this may be the push that I need to back into the swing of things.

What do you think about my Biggest Loser March Break Idea?  Do you have any tips on things that I should do?


When Negative Thoughts Strike

>> Tuesday, February 26, 2013

   I am hard on myself.  Sometimes I get into this moods and all I can think about are negative thoughts.

  • I'm 32 and I have no man, no family, I am going to be alone forever.  What is wrong with me if I am over 30 and have no man?
  • I always feel like I am struggling financially, I am not a big spender, so what is wrong with me.
  • Why can't I just lose this weight.  I have been on this journey for so long and I have only come so far.
  • Why does my hair keep breaking?
These are questions that I always seem to ask myself and sometimes things get out of control.

I really try and talk myself out of it and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Not much else I can say to that.


Half Marathon Training Begins

>> Tuesday, February 19, 2013

   I hope that this post finds your well.  Many of you know that I enjoy running.  I ran my first half over 2 years ago and I have signed up for the Ottawa Half in May.  This week I am going to start training.  My personal best was 2 hours and 30 minutes and I am aiming to beat that this year. 
   Question for the single people out there:  How much do you spend week on food? I am taking a look at my budget and I am curious to know what a single person who eats on rather healthy spends in a week.  Let me know.


Sore Muscles=Happy Pain

>> Friday, February 15, 2013

     Hello World.  Yesterday, I had to take a break from the gym because my legs are broken from the three sets of walking lunges that I did the day before.  Funny how walking lunges are THE exercise guaranteed to make my legs scream in pain.   I am going to head back to the gym today, but I am going to have to take it easy on the legs because they are still in pain any time I sit, stand, walk, go up the stairs, go down the stairs, sit to get the picture.

     This weekend is going to be an uneventful one and part of my is thankful for that, I need some time to just rest.

     The hot yoga studio near my house was giving away passes for Teacher Appreciation Week and a coped a few and gave them out to people on my staff that are interested, they were so happy.  I love doing nice things for others.

Have a great weekend!



Still Here

>> Thursday, February 14, 2013

     I appreciate the kind words on the last post.  I am still here.  I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. SLOWLY.  In my job I am required to motivate students on a daily basis.  I have to make them care about school, themselves, life.  Yet, when it comes to motivating myself I struggle like nobodies business.

     I went to spinning last night and it was alright.  I am always amazed that the spinning teacher can make such a difference.  I did some walking lunges and let me tell you that those bad bodies are causing my some Valentines Day burn.

   A few years ago I posted this about Oscar Pistorius.  I really looked up to him.  today, I found out he is being arrested for shooting him girlfriend.  I am shocked on so many levels.  He is an Olympian and a role model to so many.  Violence against women has to be put to a end. PERIOD.

Happy Valentine's Day

Make sure that the loved ones in your life know that you love them.



>> Thursday, February 7, 2013

    That is how many pounds MORE I weigh this year than at this time last year.  I don't even know why I have this blog anymore.  It is suppose to be a WEIGHT LOSE BLOG instead it is a....I don't even know what is it.  I am not an helping anyone by no losing weight, including myself.
     I have good intentions, but obviously when I do nothing, nothing happens.  I know this, this is nothing new to me.


Jacob's Ladder

>> Thursday, January 24, 2013

   The weather here continues to be unbearable (-35C with the wind, WTF!?)  Sometimes I wonder what possessed my parents to move here from warm, hot Trinidad...Yesterday I made it to the gym and tried Jacob's Ladder.  This machine is often seen on Biggest Loser in the gym, so decided to try it yesterday:

Doesn't it look like so much fun?  NOT!  It was so hard.  I could only do a minute or two and then I had to take a rest, I did that about 5 times.  Sweat was caressing my face.  I definitely think that I am going to give it another go tonight.

I am going on the Grad Ski trip this weekend, I am going to try my darnedest to stay on course.  The teacher that I am sharing a room with and I have made a healthy meal plan and there is a gym/pool on site that I hope that I can visit.  Wish me luck!


Addicted To Catfish

>> Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Finally made it to the gym. 

    Can I just say that I am addicted to Catfish.  That show has me mesmerized   Like a car crash on the 401 I just cannot look away. For those of you that don't know, Catfish is a reality show on MTV in which people who are in online relationships write the host to finally meet their "love".  As you can guess the person that they have been talking to for months or years is never what they seem.
 I am amazed that someone can be in a relationship with another person for YEARS and not meet them in person.  Also, when you have to STEAL or BORROW another person's pictures because you are not comfortable with your own then you have a problem.  How can people live with themselves when they are living a lie? Or making fake profiles because it is "fun" and having people fall in love with you?  That is just wrong.  IF you haven't seen the show, just check out one episode...

 Let me tell you a little story....

Does anyone remember Black Planet? For those of you that don't know, Black Planet was like Black Facebook back in 2000.  Everyone had a profile.  I was seeing this guy (R) and then one day I got a message from another guy (X). X was telling me that he knows R and R doesn't really care about me blah, blah, blah.  So I asked R if he knew this guy and he didn't.  After a few weeks it all came out in the wash. X was actually R's ex-girlfriend who had made a fake page because she was jealous and wanted to break us up!???  Can you believe that !  I swear people have to much time on their hands and the internet just makes it worse, go get a hobby!

Hope that you have a great day!

And if you live anywhere near Montreal dress warm this -35C weather is not a joke!


Insert Sad Face

>> Tuesday, January 22, 2013

     Another week, as I predicted the scale went nowhere this week.  So I am still at 230.  I guess that it could be worse, right?  This is not acceptable.  I have to get back in the swing of things.  I am eating much better and I am sure that is why we did not see a gain. I guess that is a plus.  I made a wicked Indian Spiced Vegetarian Chili from Clean Eating Magazine.  I used butternut squash instead of pumpkin and I added corn.  It is so yummy.  I will be eating that for lunch for the rest of the week. I have to get in more water  and get off my lazy ass and go to the gym
    I am in such a funk these days.  I am taking a break from the dating world since I am tired of getting the shaft (not in that way....ewwww).  Men are so rude and technology does not help.  I guess not everyone's mother's raised them right, because when you say that you are going to go out with someone and just STOP CALLING, no rhyme or reason.  That is rude in my books.  Listen, I am a grown woman and if you are not interested in my I am not going to break down and cry, just give it to me straight   You don't even have to call, send a text. But to say nothing at all is just rude, point finale.

     Heard on the news last night about a 13 year old boy that shot his 16 year old brother by accident in our area.  They found a gun in the closet and were playing with it and it went off.  Another family ruined. Was creeping around Twitter after I heard the news and kids that go to their school (down the street from the school that I work at) are devastated   Supposedly both boys were good kids.  So Sad.

Oh did I also mention that it is -25C today with the wind?  What the eff???  


I Look Away for One Moment

>> Sunday, January 20, 2013

     I have learned a few things about my body over the last few years.  I need to be focused 100% of the time.  On Friday, I went out to a Mexican restaurant with a few of my friends. No bueno.  We shared a a sampler and I ate a bit of rice and tortillas with a bit of lamb, chicken, shrimp and pork.  Considering I have been eating fish and veggies for lunch and dinner, this was more than I was used to and I felt it.  I am not going to let this get me down and I am right back at it on Monday.  I have been good this weekend.  So this week I am sure that I am not going to see the 4 pound loss that I wanted.  That is life right?


Friday Mini Rant

>> Friday, January 18, 2013

     Sometimes I hate the gym.  No, it is not what you think.  Sometimes I hate the people at the gym.  The people that WORK at the gym.  Here is why.  Yesterday, I am minding my business getting my cardio in.  I had already done 30 minutes on the Stepmill (that mother is a biotch) and I was at minute 10 on the elliptical enjoying Four Weddings on TLC (I don’t have TLC at home so I try and watch it at the gym it I can).  When these two “trainers” approach me.

Trainer 1: Hi
Me (startled): Hey…
T1: This is Dominique, he is new here and is going to start training people.
Me: Hey…
T1:  Since I know that you are super nice and here often I decided to come over and say hello.
Me (In my head): Oh lucky me….
T1:  So you come here a lot eh? (Canadians do say eh)
Me:  Yeah, I try to come every day, you know try and get off that extra weight
T1:  Well you have lost weight since you have been here, what 15 pounds?
Me: No I haven’t actually I put on about 20...
T1:  No, no you haven’t
Me: Yes I have


Now this where I get mad, how are YOU telling ME how much weight I have or haven’t lost, mind your effin business.  That is one thing that I hate about this journey, people always try and size up my weight lose.  Things like, wow I never realized how big you were or do you really weigh that much? Are questions that erk me.  I have gained 10-15 pounds in the last year.  Please do NOT try and tell me that I haven’t.  You are not my clothes that I have to put on everyday, thank you very much.

That is the end of my rant. 

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!


Progress At The Gym

>> Thursday, January 17, 2013

   I am a BEAST!  I am really happy with the way things are going in the gym and I am really trying to push myself each workout.  I leg pressed 360 pounds yesterday, yes--eight 45 pound plates on that baby.  I only did 6 reps but I am still so happy.  I think that tonight I am going to tackle some lunges because that it what always puts a burn in my legs, especially walking lunges.  My long term goal is to get to 200 pounds by the end of June.  If I keep going the way that I am it is doable.

   Healthy eating going so well that I am reluctant to go out to eat with my friends, yet at the same time I don't want to just stay home and stare at the four walls.  This is really going to be the next challenge, balancing life with weight loss.  I don't want to get into that "two steps forward, three steps back mode".  I am supposed to go to a Mexican restaurant on Friday and I am really going to have to skim the menu well to find the best thing to eat.

   Yesterday we went out with the Running Club and it was great the weather was perfect 2C and it was sunny, the girls had a great time and I am happy that we are getting new members every week.  The weather for the next two weeks is going to be way too cold to go outside.  We made a deal that if it is colder than -10C we will not go inside.  Instead, I think that I am going to introduce the girls to the 30 Day Shred and we are going to try that.  I hope that they don't hate me after.

Looking for a book to read?  Check out The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.  A really sad book laced with humor.  Guaranteed to make you shed a few tears.

Have a good one.



MissHaneefa vs. The Bake Sale

>> Wednesday, January 16, 2013

     Bake sales at our school have always been my nemesis.  Come on who can resist home made cookies and treats at 25 cents a pop.  I usually go with a dollar or two and shop to my heart’s content.  Today we had a bake sale and I only purchased one item.  Yes, ONE item.  I bought home made banana and chocolate chip bread and I savoured it.  Another win for me!

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