How Low Can You Go

Tracking Myself

>> Wednesday, June 25, 2014

     Yesterday's workout went well. One hour cardio; 30 minutes treadmill on an incline and 30 minutes elliptical. Then I did 1 hour weights, I tackled every body part, I am a little sore today but not too bad.

     After the gym I went to the pool for a bit, came home and made a carrot soup.

    Today I constructed this little chart:

     If I do my workout I get a red music note, consume 3 liters of water a green one and eat healthy ( fruits, veg, protein, no more than two servings of starches and one small sweet a day) I get an orange note.
    This only goes up to July 12 because I leave for Greece on the 11th.

    Don't ask what the reward will be( or if there will even be one). I haven't figured that out yet. 

     Thanks for reading! 


This Week's Challenge

>> Sunday, June 22, 2014

   Selfies while sweating it out at the gym. 

Remember when I said I wanted to lose 10 pounds by the time I went home? I did it but now I would like to drop another 6 by the time I leave to get me to 230.  I am happy that things are going in the right direction.

    I told myself when I reached 225 I would treat myself to individual eyelashes at the salon. Well, a deal came up and they are half the price, so I am going to get the eyelashes before I head home. Obviously, I need to justify my purchase. I will do this by going to work out for 2 hours Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. One hour cardio and one hour weights. I will see how I feel after Tuesday. 

Wish me luck!


Fatkinis: Yes You Can!

>> Sunday, June 15, 2014

     Since I live in a country in which it is hot 99% of the time I have learned to love bathing suits. I especially love the new high waisted bikini styles.  I have learned to love what I have and if you don't want to look turn your head.


H & M in Qatar
   I have to credit a lot of the confidence to plus sized model Tess Munster:

I figure if she can do it so can I!

Thank you Tess!


I Did It!

>> Thursday, June 12, 2014

     I drank 3L of water yesterday! Yessssssssssss!I am going to try and do  it again today and add another 500 ml to make it 3.5 L.  I didn't go to the gym because I was pissed of about something that happened at work, but I did do my Arm Challenge at home:

  • 50 bicep curls
  • 18 push ups
  • 25 dips
  I am going to hit the gym later today because I am heading to Abu Dhabi later tonight.  We are going to a beach party tommorrow! Woop woop!


Arm Challenge

>> Wednesday, June 11, 2014


     I am on day 7 of this challenge. I decided that I had to do something about these arms so I decided to try this challenge. The bicep curls aren't so bad, I usually start with a high weight like 8 kg (18 lbs) and do as many reps a I can, then I move down to 7, 6 and so on until I reach the required reps. The push ups are so hard and so are the dips, but I keep pushing on.
    I have more time at work these days so I will be updating more regularly ( or trying to). 
     I am challenging myself to drink 3 L of water today. Inshallah, I can drink it all.


Yes Sir!

>> Tuesday, June 10, 2014

    Life here is the Middle East is going well. I have been finishing work early. Heading to the gym and going to the pool. The weight is coming off and I am seeing numbers in the scale that I haven't seen since I arrived in August.  I am excited that things are finally going in the right direction.


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