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A Great Day

>> Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Things are going really well on this side of the screen. I have been eating well, loading up on the fruits and veggies and staying away from the sweets. I have also been hitting the gym. I forgot my headphones at home, so you know what I used??? My cell phone head phones, worked like a charm.
I just want to say that I hate when they change the instructor of a class on you. I was all set to do bootcamp with Kareem and I show up and it is some other chick. I contemplated for a minute to go home, but I just hit the machines instead. I am so proud of myself!
Have a few challenges coming up (sushi dinner, school sleep over, Mother's day), but things are going so well that I am not going to let them get me.
Also did my 55 squats for the day, so far so got, not feeling the pain yet.


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