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When Life Gives You Spinach...

>> Thursday, March 28, 2013

     Make a smoothie!

    I heard about this Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox and I really wanted to try it.  I went to the store and bought all the ingredients.  Basically you are drinking four shakes a day.  I made the first shake to drink on Tuesday and it was soooo nasty that I scrapped the whole thing.  The problem was I had purchased all these ingredients.  So now I am doing my own thing using the ingredients that I purchased.  The lucky thing is that everything I bought are things that I normally eat (kale, spinach, mangoes  etc...)  One of the things that I bought was a huge bag of spinach from Costco , so now everything that I make has to have spinach in it to ensure that I don't waste the bag.
     Last night I made a spinach and strawberry smoothie with coconut water and vanilla yogurt.  DELICIOUS!
     For lunch today I have a spinach salad with mango, avocado and red onion with an orange mustard dressing. Yum squared.
     I am also getting together with an old running buddy to go for a run tomorrow.  Yeah!  I hope that I can make it.

Have a great day!


Anorexic Woman at the Gym Looking Good

>> Wednesday, March 27, 2013

   I am eating better these days.  More fruits and veggies.  I have been avoiding the gym, that is going to be the next step.

Has anyone seen this? Anorexic Woman at the Gym Looking Good .  The funny thing is at my gym there is a girl who is clearly anorexic.  I know because she was at the last gym I was at and the trainer told me that she was asked to leave because she was at the gym for hours at a time.  She goes hard.  Five hours + at the gym everyday giving 150% for the whole time.  I know that this isn't the topic of the article but do gyms have the right to ask someone to leave if they think they are working out too much? DISCUSS.


Miss Me?

>> Monday, March 25, 2013

     HELLOOOOOOO!  I know that I have been MIA for a bit.  I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a number that I haven't seen in years (not in a good way).  This kicked some sense in my ass.  I need to get my shit together and stop playing like I can eat whatever the hell I want.

     I am going to sit down tonight and make a plan as to what I am going to do to get back into the mind set where I care.  Because I have not been caring about myself lately and that is not right.  I will let you know what this plan consists of tomorrow.

Have a great day!


A Mini Rant About Biggest Loser

>> Tuesday, March 5, 2013

     Last night I attended step class.  I forgot how fun it is.  This class was a bit advanced and they have been working on the routine for 4 weeks, but I am really proud with what I did.  I am pretty rhythmic and can pick up routines easily so I think that I did a really great job with the choreography.  Especially with all the turns and the crossover moves.   I love that step not only works your body but it also works your mind because you have to pay attention at all the steps and remember the choreography.
   This morning I did an hour of walking incline on the treadmill and I am going hit bootcamp this evening.
   Can I just rant a bit about the Biggest Loser?  This is the first time that I have actually watched the show from beginning to end. Last night was the makeover episode in which the gave each of the remaining contestants a new look.  The thing that REALLY irked me was that all the women were trying on new clothes in WAY smaller sizes that they had ever worn and all they are saying is, "I could have never worn a cute dress like this when I was bigger" or "They don't make cute things like this in my size/it doesn't look good on me in my size". Don't get me wrong I see where they are coming from, but I just have to be a bit mad that they COULD have worn cute stuff at a bigger size.  I see so many blogs of beautiful women who are bigger that are SO stylish it is unbelievable.  I have seen women that are more stylish that most people twice their size.  I think that you can be bigger and still dress like a boss. 

     My Biggest Loser Spring Break is a success so  far and I am down almost 5 pounds *high five*  I have a 7K run in my future tomorrow and I think that I am going to hit up hot yoga with one of the free passes that I acquired.

   I am really happy with the progress that I am making and I am just hoping that I can keep it up. I made some honey mustard salmon for dinner so I will pair that with some cauliflower.

Have a great day!


Biggest Loser March Break

>> Monday, March 4, 2013

I saw this picture on Pinterest and I thought it was so cute.  While most people are chilling on the beach for March Break I have decided to get my shit together (again).  I started yesterday.  I had an interesting breakfast.  I remember Ro doing something like this once so I decided to try it.  I sprayed a frying pan with cooking spray,cut up a banana and a green apple.  I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon and about a teaspoon of vanilla in the pan. I let it cook for a few minutes and then I had it with some coconut Greek yoghurt, let me tell you it was yummy!  For lunch and dinner I had jerk fish with broccoli.

I also hit the gym.

I am really proud of myself.

This morning I hit the gym after having some grapes for breakfast.  I had the rest of the fish for lunch.  There is this step class this evening that I am going to try and get to.

Yesterday, I sat down and made a grocery list as well as list of possible breakfasts and snacks.  There are the areas that I have issues.


  • Shakes
  • Omelettes with turkey bacon
  • Oatmeal
  • breakfast burrito  (scrambled eggs with thyme, a bit of shredded cheese and salsa in a wrap)
  • Mini frittatas 


  • Greek yoghurt
  • Fruits
  • Shake
  • String cheese
  • Nuts
  • Dried Fruit
  • sorbet
  • frozen yoghurt
I am taking a little break from meat for awhile so my dinner are mainly fish/seafood and veggies.

I have also been going through my old issues of Oxygen magazine to get food tips.

I think that I am on the right track, wish me luck.


Questions and Answers

>> Friday, March 1, 2013

I got this over at All the Weigh.

Questions and Answers


1. Did you watch the Oscars? If so, who did you enjoy seeing most? I love award shows, so I was front and center at the Oscars (from my couch of course).  I don't think that I have any one person that I wanted to see but Chalize Theron looked STUNNING!
2. Do you drink meal replacement shakes, smoothies, etc? Not really, I did awhile ago, maybe I did to get back into it...
3. Share one thing you have done to help someone in the last week? I spear headed a collection for a student at my school whose house burnt down a few weeks ago.
4. What is the tastiest thing you ate last week?  I had Indian with some people at work last night it was yummy.
5. Think of one fun thing that you could do this week without spending any money to do it. I would love to have some people over for a games night.
6. Share one place that you’ve been to and would like to visit again.  I would love to go back to Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.
7. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? I don`t have Facebook so I will have to go with Twitter (@misshaneefa)
8. What is your favorite vegetable? Hmmmm, broccoli and red peppers.
9. Share a goal that you have for the month of March.  I would just like to get my shit together.  I want to get back to the gym on a regular basis and start back eating well
10. Share a quote that inspires you. Edith Wharton--"There are two ways to spread light: be the candle or the mirror that reflects it"

Have a great weekend!

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