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Don't Want to Gain During The Holidays? Read This

>> Monday, November 1, 2010

I know that it may seem early to be talking about this,but since most of my readers are American, and one of their biggest holidays is coming,  I have complied some tips so that you don't gain weight (or not as much) during this festive time (nevertheless, many of these tips can work day to day also), for more check out this month's Muscle&FitnessHERS:
  1. If you fail to plan, plan to fail.  We need to have a game plan when we head out during the holiday season.  Try to keep the "bad" foods to a minimum. 3/4 of your plate should be fruits, salads and veggies, the other 25% can be of your choosing, but choose wisely.  I always try and bring a healthy option to the party, so that I know that there will be at least ONE healthy plate there.  Plan your workouts for the week as well as your meals if you can. Set your workout appointments in your phone, write it down in your agenda, on a calender, whatever you have to do to remember.  If people at the party (or your family) try to push food on you, tell them that you will take it home.  Once you are home you can do what you please with it.
  2. Bring healthy food to work with you.  When your co -worker comes to the staff room with a pumpkin pie, you won't feel so bad because you have your apples and yogurt.  Also if you have your own snacks and you are hungry you will not be tempted by the vending machine or the treats on people's desks.
  3. Please don't skip meals.  It may seem like a good idea to "save" your calories for the big dinner/party.  Nope, NOT a good idea.  Eat all your meals as usual, so that you are not forced to overeat at the event, because you are starving.
  4. Put your best foot forward.  Volunteer to cook a healthier meal for everyone or at least bring a healthy option to an old time favorite.  Try and substitute ingredients that may not be that good for you, online you can find many healthy options to recipes such as sweet potato pie and stuffing. 
  5. Don't want to gain a pound? Write it down!  It has been proven that people who write down and keep a record of what they eat will not gain the 4 pounds during holiday season that their counterparts who did not write gained.  Just because it is a holiday it doesn't mean that all the hard work you did the other 51 weeks of the year has to go to waste.  If you do have a bad day, try not to let it get to you!  You have worked so hard for this.  Get right back into the game, trust me it is worth it.  I gained almost 20 pounds in 5 months last year because I let the snowball effect get the best of me.  I finally said enough is enough.  I told myself that I was not going to ruin the 50+ pounds I had lost last year.  This blog was born.
  6. This is the time to be selective. Does your Grandma only make those cookies once a year?  Have one!  Can you have that cake at any birthday? Skip it.  If there are a few things that you want to try, have a bit or two of each.  Try not to eat the whole thing.  At least then you will have had a taste of your favorites.
  7. You deserve a pat on the back.  Treat yourself if you have stuck to your planned workouts and eating for the week.  Buy yourself a new nail polish or lip gloss, maybe a go to a movie.  Try to avoid food as reward.
  8. In this case more is NOT better.  Skip the whipped cream on that hot chocolate.  Do you REALLY need gravy on the mashed potatoes? Skip the extras.  If you can don't eat the crust on that pie.
  9. DRINK WATER! Enough said
  10. Avoid Alcohol.  I have really cut down on the alcohol over the years.  To the point that people now say, "Oh yeah, you don't drink." or "Are you Muslim/pregnant?"  I really feel that alcohol, is a waste of calories.  If you must, try a light beer or some red wine.  Try to stick to juice mixers such as orange juice or cranberry.  Gin and tonic is a nice one.  The creamier the drink the worse it is for you (yet the better it tastes....)  My weakness is egg nogg.  Try to always have a half full glass in your hand, even if it is just sparkling water, this will prevent people from wanted to get you a drink.  Also if you hands of full you won't feel the need to go around sampling snacks.
  11. Big party? Eat as clean as you can the day of the party and even the day before, so that when you get to the party you do not feel so bad if you indulge.
  12. Run It!  Many states have holiday runs usual called turkey trots.  You can make it a holiday tradition.  Sign up for a local 5K run or walk, you will burn so many calories.  Maybe that is not your thing?  Go for a walk with the family after dinner.
  13. Shop Til You Drop!  Shopping burns so many calories it is unbelievable.  Park far away and don't feel bad, you are getting your exercise just walking to the mall door.  Am I the only one who has broken out into a sweat when I tried on too many clothes, small change rooms, bright store lights, need I say more?
  14. Work It Out.  Before the big dinner, hit the gym for 30 minutes.  Don't have time to get to the gym?  Do 50 push ups, 50 sit ups, 5 sets of planks, 50 chair dips and 50 bicep curls, you will be good to go.
  15. Read my blog  HAVE FUN! LOL!


Blubeari November 1, 2010 at 8:34 PM  

Great tips! Thanks for sharing. :-)

PhluffyPrincess November 1, 2010 at 8:56 PM  

Girl I am IMPRESSED! At first I thought this was a list from a magazine or something, then I realized you wrote it! lol. I usually LOSE during the holidays I suppose because I am concentrating so much more on NOT gaining. I am looking forward to losing as much as I can before 2011 hits, thanks for the tips!

Shannie (akaSolidice242) November 1, 2010 at 10:04 PM  

Nice tips I don't have to wait for the holidays I can use them now! Luckily I don't like holiday food. But I do have to watch out for the cakes.

Fashion Meets Food November 2, 2010 at 8:34 AM  

Amazing tips! I have them printing out right now because I will stay focused during the holidays. I would hate to see hardwork be gone because of that piece of pie!


LOVEOFMYLIFE1924 November 2, 2010 at 8:49 AM  

Awesome! This will be my first holiday doing it right and I am so happy I have these tips to get me motivated and stay on track! I appreciate this, thanks for sharing!

Miesha Roshawn November 2, 2010 at 12:17 PM  

This is exactly the reason why I decided to get my "Team Lean Suite" up and running now! To motivate others to stick to the plan even during the holidays. When I really started working out hard last November I lost 25 lbs in November and December! I got my workout done on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! There were no breaks! Thanks for sharing!

Amberly November 3, 2010 at 2:02 AM  

Hey lady! I love Alias!!! JJ Abrams who wrote Alias and Lost has a new show out called the Undercovers. I'm just checking in with you. I'm back (again) and wanted to see your progress. Hope you are recovering well!

Tim November 4, 2010 at 4:43 PM  

Brilliant list! So many great and important tips on there. Nice one!!


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