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It All Began So Innocently...

>> Saturday, April 17, 2010

It always does.  Just one cupcake, chocolaty icing, pretty red sprinkles and then it becomes two.  Luckily, it stopped there (trust me in the past I would have had 4). The world was against me today, every I turned I saw cupcakes, it was like they were stalking me.  They were paparazzi and I was Lindsey Lohan after a night of booze and drugs.  I smelt chocolate everywhere I went.  So I had two cupcakes, kill me.
Then I went to visit a friend, we ordered some food, I settled on a sub, steak and mushroom,lettuce and tomato, cool, cool.  Then they had some lady fingers, that is what did me in, I ate about 50 billion.  So tomorrow, when the scale shows that I am up, remind me that the lady fingers put a gun to my mouth and made me eat them.

The rest of the weekend needs to be perfect to get my socks (socks? I am a loser).  I failed in the food category yesterday (went out to dinner with a friend and had a dessert) and today.  But if I am on top of my game and can still make it.

After reading all these blogs about people running on the treadmill for copious amounts of time, I decided to try it and it was much better than it has been in the past.  I can't do 10 minutes without stopping yet, but I am getting there.  I will have to keep at it but I am sure that I can do. 

Predictions for tomorrow's weight in? 222? That would be up 2.5, happy? no. Can I deal with it? Yes.  Will it be better next week? It better..  Honestly, can I NOT go down for more than two weeks in a row?

Dear Self,
      Listen, we have been together for a long time and I care about you very much, but you have to stop with the chocolate.  You have been doing so well, you have come a long way but you still have a ways to go.  I love you very much, but we are going to have together on this.  Ok?  Remember, you can do this!

Love Self.

Conversation overheard today in class:
Student 1 (eating cupcake; see I told you they were everywhere): Aren't you on a diet?
Student 2 (also eating cupcake, told you):  Yeah, but all I have been eating is raisins, I am fed up.
Student 1*shrugs* While eating cupcake

Moral of this story?

Young women REALLY need an outlet to educate them on healthy eating and what options they have if they want to seriously lose weight.  I am so fed up of this, "all I am drinking is water" and "all I am eating is air"  I really find that this outlet to get information does not exist, especially for black girls.  I have thought of starting something in the community to educate girls about fitness and nutrition, but I feel that I am not in the shape yet to be an advocate.  You know how it is, remember back in High School when you had the gym teacher that that wasn't in the best shape and  you thought, "How is she gonna teach me about getting in shape, when she can't even run across the room..."

Have a good night, don't let the cupcakes bite!


Weighting Around April 17, 2010 at 5:32 AM  

50 billions ladyfingers - you are so funny! But I know the feeling. Hope the scale goes easy on you!

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