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>> Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hiddy Ho Bloggers,
     Things have been going better, yesterday I went to Bootcamp and Zumba.  We have a new Zumba teacher, Jorje and he is the (Ro that was for you)!  I am so picky about my Zumba teachers (I was spoiled when I first started with an AMAZING teacher, but can no longer take her classes).  So I am always so snobbish when I go to a class and it is not what I expect, BUT this guy is GRRRREAT!!

LA made a comment the other day and I would like to address a few things, because a few really good questions were mentioned:

You workout so intensely and are so dedicated to the physical components of weight loss so I'm wondering how you have been gaining for the past few weeks? Can you track for maybe three days or so what you eat on a regular basis? Are you eating high calorie foods, or just eating a lot of food? Do you think this is the cause of our gain despite your immense workout efforts, or is there another reason as to why you gain? Just asking because I've been through the same situation.
     I have always been in love with the gym.  Even when I was 272, I went to the gym.  Not everyday, and I didn't really have a routine like I do now, but I was still there.  Exercise is not my issue.  FOOD is, I have to eat so strickly to lose weight.  I have seen it and I know that it is the only way for me to lose.  I have to stay away from most starches, minimal bread, no pasta, no potatoes.  I have to drink ALOT of water and I have to stay away from sweets.  I cannot eat what I want when I want.  I cannot have a cheat day, and I can barely have a cheat meal.  Unfortunately, this is my reality.  I have to hit the gym most days. If I do all these things the weight flies off.  When I eat what I want, when I want, I gain weight faster than a mofo.  I know that most my workouts seem intense, but that is just how I am, I love the rush that I get from the gym and I really like the workout.  Even when I reach goal weight (notice I said when, not if )  I am still going to go to the gym everyday, it is just who I am.

I know that I am a day late, but I got this over at DesperateStudent,

FMM: Makeup Favorites

  1. Do you wear makeup everyday? No, depends how much time I have in the morning and how I feel. Most days I wear lip gloss.  This is also funny because I own ALOT of makeup, but you would never know from looking at me everyday.
  2. Does your routine change if you’re going out with friends/on a date/to a party? Definitely, when I am out with friends it really depends where we are going.  If I go out on a date (haven't been on one of those in FOREVER, but that is for another post) I would wear tasteful make up.  If I go to a party that is when I pull out all the stops.  I have always been told that I have a gift for make up the sad thing is I can do MY make up but I am hesitant to do others.  I am always afraid that they won't like it.
  3. Are you loyal to one brand, or do you use different brands for different things? M.A.C girl for LIFE!  Except for mascara and eyeliner, I buy all my other make up at MAC.  When I was younger it was so hard to find make up for blacks in Montreal.  In High School every black girl wore Blackberry by Revolon.  When I was in Grade 8 my friend got a MAC lipstick for her bday from her Mom.  She didn't like the color and gave it to me, let me tell you that I used that lipstick like it was gold.  I swear it lasted my 2 years.
  4. Do you wear primer/concealer? If so, what’s your favorite kind? A little conceler under the eyes on special occasions, but it is the samples that I ask for at the store
  5. What’s your favorite brand of foundation? MAC (surprise, surprise)  I don't use a foundation, I use a tinted mosturizer.  I have been blessed with nice skin and I try not to but to much stuff on it.
  6. Do you use blush and/or bronzer?  Sometimes, blush when I go out and bronzer in t he winter when I find that I look pale.
  7. Do you wear eye shadow/eye liner?  OH yes! I love liquid liner, I will wear any color eyeshadow, it depends on my mood.
  8. What’s your favorite kind of mascara? No preference, whatever is on sale.
  9. Lipstick? Lip gloss? Both? Favorite? I use Vaseline, with lipgloss, I have recently got into red lipstick and I love it when I go out.  The first time I tried it I thought i looked like the Joker, but it has really grown on me.  I love Pop Mode by MAC and I also love the Dazzle glasses.  My new favorite lipstick is called Brave Red
  10. Do you wear nail polish regularly?  If so, share a few of your favorite brands/colors.  Not really.
  11. How do you remove your makeup at the end of the day?  This is a must.  I am faithful to the Body Shop Tea Tree line.  I use the toner, the face wash and the face scrub.
  12. Do you feel prettier when you’re wearing makeup? Not necessarily.  I like the look when i am all dressed up to have make up on.  It ads some glamour, but i also like just having a "naked" face.
  13. Do you have any beauty tips that you could pass along?  Don't smoke, don't drink to much, wash your face at night and keep it moisturized.  Don't wear to much foundation/cover up and drink lots of water.
Happy Tuesday!


The Last Few Days...

>> Sunday, January 29, 2012

I went to Bootcamp Circuit with a new teacher that I love (partly thanks to the Spring Chick Challenge to try something new. I had to miss Kickboxing because of a meeting. The teacher whipped my ass and it felt good. I also took advantage of the steam room at the gym. I really don't know why I don't relax after a workout in this room more. The room is infused with eucalyptus and it is like heaven. I am really going to try and to go to the steam room after each workout more often. I also did 15 minutes of the treadmill.

I was so sore, but still went to Bootcamp and Hot Yoga. It had been weeks (maybe even months) since I had been to Hot Yoga, I was so happy to be back and I must admit that I really wasn't that bad. Friday's at the studio it is a 5$ donation to take the 9pm class, I am really going to make more of an effort to go on Fridays. Also, as of Feb. 7th they are giving another 5$ class on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm given by a hot yoga teacher in training. So now I can go twice a week. My legs were so sore that I took a bath with two cups of Epsom salts and by Saturday my legs felt better.

Went to Body Design and tried Cardio Box, it was really fun. I thought the class was an hour, but it was really an hour and a half. Later that night, I went to visit my friend's newborn and ate way to much.

Only had time for 30 minutes of the Stair master, but chilled in the steam room for a few minutes. Ran into a friend from running at the mall and she thought I was injured because she hasn't seen me in so long. I told her I was just not in the mood to run anymore. I got home and realized that I have no excuse. I signed up for the Ottawa Half Marathon in May and a 5k at the end of Feb.

I know that I have gained since last week, this is both sad and unacceptable. To a new week.



>> Thursday, January 26, 2012

    I was so tired after work yesterday that I drove myself home and not to the gym as planned. Tonight, I will be there, ready and willing.  I wanted to try that kick boxing class, but we have a meeting after work and depending how late it goes I may just have to go to Bootcamp and Sweatshop.  
   I have been very lax and I realised that this weight is not going to lose itself.  When I am focused and on point, I can lose a lot of weight (dear self, remember 6 pounds in one week??)  But when I am lazy, the weight starts to creep back up.

All, I have to remember is today is another day.


Spring Chick Challenge and Week 4 Goals

>> Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 3 is here and things are going, not so well.  Weigh in showed 217.8 that is up 3.8 from last week.  This is all my fault,  I have not been drinking enough water, I had to take a few days off from the gym and I have been eating to many cookies.  I need to refocus and get back on track

I will aim to drink 2 l of water a day- I think that I did this 4/7 days this week.  I have got to do better.

I will try and do some sort of activity everyday. I will complete my half marathon in February in under 2 hours and 31 minutes ( my last time) Sunday, I didn't do anything because my heart was still feeling strange.  So far this week I have been to the gym everyday and I am going to continue on that road.

Commit to blogging at least twice weekly and 1 of those times must be you check in with a complete up date on your progress. All other blogs could include new insights, results of weekly challenges, or just letting others know how you are doing.
Commit to support... both giving and receiving. Check others blogs and comment as you feel motivated to do.
Once again, I just want to say thank you for all the support.

Mini-Challenge This Week: Try a New Exercise

I am going to try Kickboxing class at the gym this week.  Yesterday, I tried a new class called TRIPLE THREAT, you do 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of weights and 20 minutes of core, the class was great and the teacher was in amazing shape.

This week:
  • Get 2 sessions of treadmill work in
  • Go to the gym every day
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water a day
  • Eat properly, only have one small sweet a day
    Have a great week!


    Oreos Are My Weakness

    >> Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    Just ate a row of oreos, they were so damn good. Back at it tomorrow, sometimes you just gotta give in...I did two hours of class today at the gym, so I don't feel so bad. I know it doesn't make up for it, but it still makes me feel a little better.


    You're Shedding!!

    >> Saturday, January 21, 2012

    This is what I was told at the gym last week by a fellow spinner. I thanked her sheepishly. Remember when I said I wanted people to notice my weight loss? I am going to take that back, I am a hypocrite. I say that I like when people acknowledge my loss, but really and truly, I don't. It makes me, embarrassed and shy. I want to hide in a corner. Man, I'm strange.

    Today I did an hour on the stepmill, yeah me! I don't know why but my heart feels weird today. Hope I wake up in the morning....


    Spartan Race: You'll Know At the Finish Line

    >> Thursday, January 19, 2012

    I have signed up for the Spartan Race that will happen here in June 2012.  Last year, I wanted to do this "race", but it was the same weekend as the Ottawa Half Marathon.  This year it is 2 weeks later.  The Spartan Race is a 5K race with over 30 obstacles including; running over a fire pit and scaling walls.  Check out this video to see why I am officially crazy.

         I finally made it to the gym last night, it was great.  30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the step mill.  Tonight I am going to head back.  I am feeling much better than I did at the beginning of the week.

    Have a great day!


    Spring Chick Challenge: Week 2

    >> Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    Week 2 is here and things are going.  Yesterday, I weighed in and I was at 214.  Down 1.2 from last week.  I was in a bit of a funk, Monday and Tuesday, but today I am feeling better and plan to hit the gym hard for the next few days.  Time to look at how my challenge goals are going:

    My goal will be to fit into a size 12 piece of clothing or smaller. I have NEVER owed anything in a size less than 14. This is going well.  I bought a skirt in size 12, so I am on my weigh.

    I will aim to drink 2 l of water a day, keep my calories under 1750 Except for yesterday, I have been drinking at least 2 litres of water. I think I am going to nix the calorie count since I don't have a great way to measure.

    I will try and do some sort of activity everyday. I will complete my half marathon in February in under 2 hours and 31 minutes ( my last time) This WAS going well, until Monday and Tuesday when I stayed home.   The race that I was suppose to run in Feb. is sold out, so I have been so bummed about it that I have been taking a bit of a break from running. I am going to sign up for the Ottawa half next week (hopefully I remember) that will make it official, then I will have to start training.  Also, this may sound stupid, but the zipper on my winter running jacket broke so even if I wanted to run outside, I do not have a proper jacket and all you fellow Canadians know that when you are outside and it is -11C plus windchill, you need to be dressed properly.

    Commit to blogging at least twice weekly and 1 of those times must be you check in with a complete up date on your progress. All other blogs could include new insights, results of weekly challenges, or just letting others know how you are doing.
    Commit to support... both giving and receiving. Check others blogs and comment as you feel motivated to do.  This has been going great.  Thank you for all the support, it means the world to me.

    This week:
    • Head to the gym everyday for the rest of the week, get on the treadmill as much as possible in the next few days
    Have a great week!


    Not Feeling It

    >> Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    I don't even feel like writing this but here goes:
    -I didn't go to the gym yesterday
    - the weather is so bad that I didnt go today either
    - I have been so hungry lately
    - I just ate way to many crackers and pieces of cheese
    -weigh in will be posted tomorrow
    -debating about driving 2 hours this weekend to Ottawa for the lululemon warehouse sale.

    Hope you are doing better than I am.


    A Few Questions and a Weekend Update

    >> Monday, January 16, 2012

    I love answering questions and I got these over on Tori's Blog.  Feel free to copy the question s and answer them on your blog:

    1. Do you have a favorite traditional “birthday meal”? If yes – what is it and what is the meaning behind it?

    Every birthday, my family and I go out to eat.  this is really the only time that we eat out. I usually like to go to an Szechwan restaurant.

    2. If you’ve lost weight, has your style changed since you lost weight? Or what's your dream purchase when you do lose weight/hit goal?

    To be honest my style has not changed.  I can spend less on my clothes now (plus sized clothes here in Canada is so expensive).  When I get to 199 I promised myself a Lululemon outfit.

    3. Pick one question of the following two to answer: Who is your favorite Muppet and why? Or who is your favorite Smurf and why?

    My favorite muppet would have to be Kermit, I always found him so sweet and funny.  I love his relationship with Miss Piggy.  I am not a fan of his "new" voice though.
    4. When you buy a lotion or after bath spray or body spray or candle (not perfume) – what’s the “flavor” you always find yourself loving the most?

    Lotion, I usually go with cocoa butter or vanilla scents. Bath/body sprays- mango, coconut all the way, I love the smell of anything sweet. Candels, I am cool with any smell.

    5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in real life and in blogland.

    Real life, same old, same old. Blog land, have some new followers that I am really excited about.  I have started to follow quite a few new blogs that are keeping me entertained.

    Weekend Update:

    Friday:  Went to the gym and did bootcamp, man it was insane.  I really love this teacher, because he makes up do unconventional moves that really gets us going.

    Saturday: Went to a great spinning class and then I went to crossfit open house.  Man that was a mistake, bootcamp the night before AND crossfit= very sore body.  My lower "abs" are so sore that every time I :cough, laugh, sneeze, go to the bathroom.  I am in pain (a good pain though).  I really wish I was rich and I could join crossfit as well as the gym, it is so much fun and a really good workout.  I can see how so many people love it.  I have been taking a warm bath with two cups of epson salts to relax my muscles.

    Sunday: Went to the gym and did 35 minutes inclined walk on the tredmill and 25 minutes on the Stepmill, my body could not handel much more.

    Tonight:  I am heading to Tabata and Spinning.

    Have a great day!  Weight in tomorrow, yikes!


    Have You Ever Been Jealous Of Another?

    >> Friday, January 13, 2012

         Have you ever been jealous of someone else's weight loss?  I ask this question because of something that happened yesterday.  A co-worker of mine when to a conference and saw a girl that she used to know and also happened to go to High School with me.  My co-worker came back from the conference and was shocked because this girl had lost 80 pounds,  since the last time she saw her 5 years ago.  The loss was so dramatic that she didn't recognize her.  I had known of her weight loss and I have also seen her through the years, so the weight loss was not dramatic to me.  Now the reason I am jealous is because here I am 60 pounds lighter than four years ago and I am sure no one is taking about me saying, "Oh have you seen Haneefa, she looks like a different person!?  Wow. Oh. Ahh"  As I reread this I know that I am being a hater and actually hearing about this girls loss, has re-enforced the weight that I want to lose. 

    So the question is: Have you ever been jealous of someone's weight loss?



    >> Thursday, January 12, 2012

    Jan. 1st PARTAY!  I LOVE this pic I find my legs look so slim.
    NYE, I call this the Kate Middleton dress

    When I look at these pics I have hope that I am going in the right direction. My numerous squats, dead lifts and hours on the Step mill are working to get my legs in better shape. In the first pic I can still see my tummy poking out trying to say cheese, but I guess I can deal with that.

    Last night I went to Pilates, soooo hard. My core is extremely weak, but I am glad that I stuck it out.  I must admit that my 30 day yoga challenge taught me a lot of things that can be applied to Pilates.  I then went to Salsa class, I thought it was going to be more of a salsa aerobics, but it was actually a salsa lesson, it was fun, but I felt like I didn't burn enough calories (i.e. I didn't sweat enough).  So I headed to the gym and did 30 minutes with the Step Mill.

    I am taking out my hair tonight, so I will have to head to the gym when I am done. I hope that I can make it to Spinning and then Sweatshop.

    Have a lovely day and I am loving all the new followers that I have.  Thanks for reading! 


    How To Lose 6 Pounds in One Week

    >> Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    How to lose 6 pounds in one week:
    • Drink at least 2 L of water a day, tea or coffee are the only other beverages that you drink (milk 1% and a small amount of sugar is allowed to be added)
    • Work out at least an hour and a half a day (one hour of cardio and at least 30 minutes of weights)
    • Breakfast consists of 1/4 cup oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar
    • Lunch and dinner are fish (salmon, tilapia filets) with one or two sides of veggies (usually a few cups of cooked spinach, zucchini or whatever)
    • Snacks about 4 a day, include fruit (banana, oranges, grapefruit...) a serving of yogurt, a handful of nuts
    • A positive attitude
    • No alcohol
    • Almost no carbs 
    • one small sweet allowed a day ex: 2 small cookies
    I hope this gives you a glimpse into what I did last week to get my loss.  I am using the same formula this week and I am hoping for a nice loss next week also. 

         Yesterday I went to the gym and hung out with my best friend the Step mill for 30 minutes, chilled on the bike for 20 and ran on the treadmill for 10.  I then headed to Body Design class.  During class I was doing some push-ups and got a whiff of something funky.  I looked around and realized it was me *yikes*.  I ran to the locker room Usain Bolt style and applied deodorant faster than a mofo.

       Tonight, I am trying some new classes at my Groupon studio; Pilates and Salsa.  I bought a piece of mahi mahi at the grocery store yesterday and found an amazing recipe on-line today so I am going to wipe that up for lunch on Friday.

    Have a great day!


    Spring Chick Challenge Update: Week 1

    >> Tuesday, January 10, 2012

         Last week went well, I weighed in this morning at 215.  That is a 6.2 loss.  I am not going to get overly excited because I have been here before.  I can only start to get excited when I get below 212*.  I went to the gym everyday except, Sunday and Monday, because I was sick.  I have been drinking at least 2 L of water a day and I think that is what is really helping.

         This week, I plan to do much of the same.  Gym everyday and water, water, water.  Hopefully next week I will down to 212, that is when the party starts!

    *Why 212?  4 years ago when I started this journey (wow it has been four years already!)  I was 272, so 212 is my 60 pound mark.  From there I need to just go lower.


    I Got Tagged!

    >> Monday, January 9, 2012

    Hello Lovelies, 
       Over the holidays, I was tagged by the hilarious Dee, always fashionable Ro and and motivational Ebbs.

    11 Random Things about MissHaneefa:

    1. I love public speaking and always used to volunteer to present first in school
    2. Three out of the four members of my immediate family have our birthdays on the 12th, Mom: June 12th, Me: August 12th, Bro: October 12th
    3. I was in the audience of a few Japanese game shows when I lived over in Japan, it was great, I got payed just to sit and clap.
    4. I love travelling, especially the locations with  beaches, my favourites include Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic and Koh Phi Phi  any beach in Thailand.
    5. My first REAL job was as a cashier at Foot Locker, I LOVED that job so much.  Always got to help cute guys, music was always on point.  Fun times.
    6. My most embarrassing moment was in University, when the school had a sex fair, you know where they give out pamphlets and stuff.  I picked up a strip of condoms, on the bus ride home the bus jerked, my bag fell and all the condoms fell out.  Everyone stared at me, I was so embarrassed I got off the bus and it wasn't even my stop!  
    7. Younger guys love to talk to me, a few months ago, I was talking to a guy in the club and I had to ask his age (I thought maybe he was 25), he was 21!!! That is 10 years younger than me!  Yikes! I guess I just look youthful? 
    8. I travelled for a week in Bali by myself, fun times, but got a few questions from the locals as to where my `husband` was.
    9. I love trying new things, I will try anything once. Activities,food, you name it, I live by the motto, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
    10. I LOVE soca music, my parents are from Trinidad and Tobago and I was raised on it.  It gets me through all my workouts.
    11. I love to read and can finish a good book in a day or two.

    My answers to Dee's questions:

    1. If you could change 1 thing in your life what would it be?  I would like to make more money.
    2. What is your occupation?  I am a High School Science teacher.
    3. What was your favorite song of 2011? Hmmmm, I love Don Omar's Danza Kuduro and LMFAO's Party Rock
    4. What are you looking to most in 2012? Getting to under 200 pounds.
    5. What type of car do you drive? Mazda 2
    6. Have you ever been head over heels in love? Head over heels, nope.  In love, yes.
    7. Ever do something that you are super ashamed of? When I was 18, I kissed another guy, while I had a boyfriend. Never did anything like that again.
    8. What city do you live in? Montreal
    9. What's your dream vacation? Maldives
    10. Do you have a pet? Nope
    11. Do you think the world will end in 2012? Nope

    Ro's Q's:
    1. What's your favorite cheat food:  Fried calamari
    2. Ever had 2 dates on 1 night:  Nope
    3. What's your go-to beauty item:  Lip gloss
    4. What's your childhood nick-name: Haneefa (Not a big fan of my name being shortened)
    5. Favorite movie of 2011:  Mission Impossible 4 I guess
    6. Do you collect anything:  Key chains
    7. Favorite Book of 2011: Hunger Games Trilogy
    8. Favorite age so far and why: 23-25, the years I was in Japan
    9. What's your go-to snack item: Fruit
    10. Do you work in the field of your choice: yup
    11. Paper or plastic: plastic I guess
    12. What is your number 1 goal for 2012: Get rid of this last bit of weight

    Ebb's Q's

    1. What is your favorite exercise? I love anything challenging, bootcamp or hot yoga
    2. Can you rap/freestyle? not well
    3. What was your favorite album of 2011? hmmmm, didn't really buy any albums this year, but i will have to say 21 by Adele
    4. What is your favorite meal of the day? BREAKFAST (just not at breakfast time, too early) 
    5. Do you like chocolate (and yes I will judge you if you say no, LOL)? yes
    6. Who is one person that has the biggest impact of your life? my mom
    7. What is one of your goals for 2012? loss these last 40 pounds (see a trend)
    8. Are you left or right handed? right
    9. What is one place that you want to visit in 2012? Cuba(crossing fingers that this happens in March)
    10. What is your favorite perfum? Anything sweet. I love Escada
    11. And the last question, what is the biggest accomplishment that you achieve in 2011? Running my first half marathon.

    Hope everyone is having a good start to the week.  Tomorrow I will post my Spring Chicken Challenge Round Up for week one.


    Sick Like A Dog

    >> Sunday, January 8, 2012

    Heyyyyyy! I am not feeling so hot, so I didn't go to the gym today. I stayed in bed all day. Sniffling, sneezing and all that good stuff. Yesterday was a much better day, I went to the gym, did an hour of cardio and half an hour of weights and ate well, dinner was a spicy, maple tilapia with a side of spinach.
    Things have been going pretty well. I am sad because I have to go back to work tomorrow. I am going to try and be really good this month. I teach at a high school and we are always having bake sales to raise money and this month there is Market Week, were students come up with a concept and sell it to make a profit to the student body. Most of the teams sell food; shakes, cupcakes, crepes, you get the picture. This year I am avoiding the whole thing. I love to support my students, but it never turns out good for me and my waist line. Also in March I am going on vacation, I have 57 days until vacation (but who is counting)that is about 7 weeks, I will be lenient and say one pound a week, so I can be around 208 for vacation.

    This week, I am heading to the gym everyday. I haven't been running besides a few short stints in the treadmill, because I am still down that I didn't get a spot in the hypothermic half marathon race. On my 'to do list' this week is to register for the Ottawa half marathon in May and for the Ile Bizzard blizzard race in February. Last year, the Blizzard race was my first 10 k race and I came in second to last ( I was the last female, I finished in an hour and eight minutes, these races are kinda fast). I am debating if I should register for the 10k again or just do the 5k.

    Tomorrow I have to go and shop for my lunches for the week. I am on a fish binge. So it will be more tilapia and salmon with a side of peppers and/or spinach.

    I am reading an amazing book, ROOM by Emma Donahue, the book is written from the point of view of a five year old whose mother was kidnapped and he was raised in a room for his whole life.
    Weight in is Tuesday, tomorrow I will post my tag post, I was tagged by a few fellow bloggers. Have a great night.



    >> Friday, January 6, 2012

    First of all I want to say thank you for all the nice comments that were left yesterday, you guys made my day! I went to Body Design class today and it was a killer. Multiple reps with light weights. My legs are killing me, I am sure they are going to be broken in the morning. I am going to try and make it to Zumba at 9:45 in the morning, but I love my morning sleep.

    I have been eating tilapia for dinner with 2 sides of veggies and it has really been filling me up. I am sad because I have to go back to work Monday, I know that I really shouldn't be that sad since I have had 5 days more vacation than the average joe. Wishing everyone a great weekend!


    All I Do Is Win, Win, Win, No Matter What...

    >> Thursday, January 5, 2012

    Ah what a day. I took a trip down to the States for a little shopping. Man, TJ Maxx is the sh*t! We have Winners here in Canada, but it is no where are good as TJ Maxx. The exercise clothes were half the price of stuff here. I had a field day. I love getting new workout clothes, because then I want to go work out and show them off.
    I went to New York and Company and stuff was 60-70% off, so I found skirt that I really liked but the only had a size 18, I tried it (not really sure why) it was WAY too big, I shrugged my shoulders and tried on the 12, you know for sh*ts and giggles and it fit! *faints on the dressing room floor* After I got up, I couldn't believe it, granted the tummy part could be a little flatter, but we will work on that. I have never owned something in a size 12, *Carleton dance*.

    To celebrate, I hit the gym, 30 minutes of the Step Mill, a 20 minute treadmill run and 20 minute of leg weight work. Can you say #winning???

    Remember: Suck it up, and someday you won't have to suck it in

    ( I will in that skirt, but just for a little while) ;)


    Really Scale? Why You So Mean?

    >> Wednesday, January 4, 2012

    I know my body. I know that if I eat and drink like a damn fool, I will gain weight. I know that if I do not go to the gym, I will gain weight. I know that I drink like a mofo, I will gain weight. So I do not know why I was surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning and it screamed 221.2, a 4 pound gain from last week. So I cried for about ten nano seconds and got dressed and headed to the gym. There is really no use in crying over gained pounds. I headed to the gym did 30 minutes on my BFF the stepmill and did a boot camp class. Fun times! Taking advantage of my last few days off and might head over later to do some Pilates and salsa (not togather, but that would be kinda cool).
    I ate salmon with spinach for lunch, yummy, yummy. Planning to have tilapia for dinner.

    Hopefully, you are still fighting!

    Remember: Losing weight makes you look good in clothes, exercise makes you look good naked!


    500th Post

    Yeah!!!!!! *Throws confetti* Today was a crazy day. I have added one more resolution to my list; only eat out once a week. I don't really eat out much but there are some weeks( like these last two) that can get out of control, so I have made a vow not to eat out more than once a week.
    Today, I hit it so hard at the gym. I went to Zumba, then did 15 minutes on the Step Mill, followed by 20 minutes of weights. Then in the evening I hit up the body design class, my arms are burning right now, just the way I like it. I had a groupon (you know those deals of the day, I LOVE them, my friends call me a Groupon whore) for one month at a local studio so I cashed it in today and I am going to alternate between my gym and this studio since that have some pretty cool classes that my gym does not (kickboxing, yogalates, pole dancing --> don't know if I will go down that hellish path any time soon).
    I went to the grocery store and stocked up on some tilapia to cook for the next few days. I also hit my 2 l mark with my water today.
    I did go out for Indian so no more going out this week( can you believe I had to turn down two offers, yikes, no wonder I'm obese)

    Have a greet week! I am suppose to go running but the are calling for cold, so I may have to do that bad boy on the treadmill.


    Welcome To 2012

    >> Monday, January 2, 2012

    Happy Bloggerversary to me! This is my second year blogging and I couldnot be happier. I have a great, strong following (I think) and love that I have a space to all my own to share my experiences. Thank you and a toast to many more years of blogging!
    The last two days have been a world wind. New Year's Eve parties and dinners, left right and center.I have not had time to workout, gym had crappy hours anyway. But now I am back at it 1500%, I sat down today and mapped out workouts for the week.

    On a side note, I wore these crazy platform pumps last night when I went out and this morning I feel like I did a million squats.

    Tomorrow IaAm going to head to the grocery store and stock up on fish and veggies for lunch and dinner.

    I will weight in tomorrow.

    Hope 2012 is treating you well so far.

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