How Low Can You Go

Day 2: Almost Done

>> Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Didn't get to see Bad Teacher, it was sold out, boo. I am going to try again next week. Instead we sat down at a restaurant ( I had an iced tea*hangs head in shame* and two cups of mint tea). I hate lying to my friends, when they are eating and I have to lie and say that I have eaten already. Why do I not tell them? Because this just opens a can of worms. But, MissHaneefa you have already lost so much weight you look fine, you don't need detox, blah blah blah. Readers, you know how it is.

I am so happy that I can eat fruits and veggies tomorrow, I bought watermelon, mangoes, corn, peppers, yummy!

So excited! Can't wait for day three weight in in the morning.


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