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>> Saturday, October 16, 2010

Not one, but two blog awards!  Thanks a million!

Thank you Previously Plump...In Progress and  Bajan Beauty for these awards.

For the first award, I am suppose to tell you 10 things I love:
  1. Working out, specifically dancing and weights (not together though, lol)
  2. Teaching (Had a student tell me today that she didn't like Science last year and now she loves it, "The teacher REALLY makes a difference." *blush*)
  3. Laughing with my friends
  4. Reading books for teens (Yes, I have read theTwilight Series)
  5. Shopping (I heart shoes, make-up MAC, I LOVE you)
  6. My mom (If I can be half the person she is, I have done my job in life)
  7. Travelling
  8. The beach (I wish I was there right now)
  9. Relaxing
  10. Sunny days
The next award says that I am suppose to tell you 7 things you don't know about me:
  1. I LOVE board games, Settlers of Catan and Cranium are the sh*t
  2. In high school, I loved to play pranks, at school dances I would buy a soda, shake it up and leave it on the table forsome unsuspecting person to open *hehe*
  3. I was a cheerleader for a bit
  4. I used to oil paint
  5. In elementary school I was called Dolly Parton
  6. I was in a Sorority in University
  7. I have been told I have a good voice, but was never interested in singing
I pass either of these awards to some new blogs that are really great:
  1. Previously Plump Progress (You can have the Versitile blogger award!)
Have a great day!

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