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>> Sunday, April 24, 2011

      Hope that everyone had a nice Easter.  Hit the gym twice yesterday, once for my usual Saturday workout and then for the Zumba party in the evening.  The Zumba party was an hour and a half with three instructors.  I liked it alot because I got to test three of the Zumba instructors of the gym.  Two out out of the three instructors were great.  Their moves and their music was fantastic.  The third instructor was ok, just thought her moves were a little too repetitive for my liking.
  I felt great.  I ran into a girl I used to train with at my old gym and she said that I looked like I lost weight.  I thanked her.  I must admit, when I look in the mirror I admit that I look better.  My legs are starting to go down a bit (that stepmill works miracles) I don't feel as big as I used to too big. My shoes are too big. A 10 is now too big, but a 9.5 is still too small in some styles. My clothes fit better.  I was always one of the biggest people in the room.  Now I am fitter than I have ever been.  I am not out of breath, I look like an athlete, I feel like an athlete.  The down side is the scale is back up.  I have to admit that I have not been on my best eating behaviour.

This is a new week, with new goals.  Tomorrow I am lucky enough to have the day off.  I will try and hit the the gym twice.

This week's workout scheduale:
-Monday: morning-Zumba and some weight, evening-spinning and pilates
-Tues: body design, ab blast, spinning
-Wed: hill training (7 repeats)
-Thursday: I have a meeting with a trainer at the  gym (the free one you get when you join the gym), if this doesn't end to late I will head to running-8K
-Friday: Spinning and Zumba (One month until the HALF MARATHON)
-Sat: Zumba and Body design
-Sun: 18K! AHHHHHHH!

I know this looks crazy, I always plan for a crazy workout week and then life happens.  I like to over plan and if I cannot go at least I have a plan.

On the eating front, I am going to journal and try and cut the crap.  I have so much trouble staying away from the sweets.

Have a great week!


Cupcake Quandry April 25, 2011 at 8:51 AM  

Half Marathon! That's amazing way to go! I also need to get back to writing down what I eat. This weekend was bad with Easter and all. Good luck with your training!

michelle April 26, 2011 at 12:42 AM  

Happy Easter to you too. I love your high energy. I have to admit I have been slacking a lot on my eating and working out. I began writing in a food journal but then stopped. I'm not sure why. After reading your post I am reminding why I started journaling in the first place. Great post! Congrats! on all your success.

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