How Low Can You Go

MIA: Days 21-24

>> Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wow, I haven't been here for a LONG time.  Did you miss me?  Cause I sure missed you.  Before I begin with the 30 Day Challenge, I am back at it.  I am back running again, I am going to race this Saturday 5K and I have signed up for a 10K in Nov.  I am also planning on doing two more races before the year is through.  I want to commit to running three times a week at least and racing as much as possible.  I think that I am going to run another half in Feb. and I am contemplating signing up for the full marathon next May.

Day 21:  Something that makes you happy.

Going on Vacation!  I love going on vacation and I swear if I was rich I would be on a constant vacation until I got bored.  I LOVE the beach.  The sound of the waves the blue water, a sweet drink in my hand and a good book on my lap, what is there not to love.

Day 22:  What makes you different than everyone else

I am one of the most outgoing people that I know.  I am game to try anything once.  I am open minded,outgoing and personable.  I always try and look at the bright side of things and I am always game to have a good time.  I have learned that a smile goes a long way and there is no need to be in a bad mood because like cancer it spreads.  I am a jack of all trades and I can do almost anything, but I am not really a master of anything.

Day 23: Something you crave

CHOCOLATE!  I love dark chocolate, especially when it is paired with nuts/ peanut butter or mint.  Yummy!

Day 24: A Letter to Your Parents

Dear Ice Cream and George-cream*, 
      First of all let me say that I love you so much.  You have done more for me than anyone on this planet will ever do.  You made me who I am today.  I am smart, strong and confident and that is all because of you.  When I was called Sasquatch and Dolly Parton in elementary school and I can home bawling, you told me to stand tall and shake it of.  I was smart and beautiful.  When I was the only black student in class, you told me to show everyone that I was as smart if not smarter than them.  You reminded me that some people have not interacted with black and that I was an ambassador to be proud of who I was and to make the best of every situation.  Those days when we had to make our own salad dressing (I always thought this was cool) because we couldn't afford it or when you went without, so that you could send   Jelani and I to private school, piano lessons, Europe and more.  I knew that you wanted the best for us.
      You taught me so much; Dad you taught me the way of the streets.  Never go out with your wallet when you are on  vacation use a zip lock bag (I get so many comments on this).  Put your smaller bills on the outside.  Sleep with your passport under your pillow, whenever you go anywhere sit with your face to the entrance, always know where the entrance is.  Never put down you drink (it was funny when my dad told me this at a CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL dance).  Even though I would roll my eyes when my Dad repeated these things I am now thankful that he put them in my head.
   Mom, thank you for making me the loving person that I am.  Never go anywhere without bringing a gift (" You can't go with your two long hands swinging").  Always write a thank you card.  Always give 100%, don't be vindictive.  Empty wagons make the loudest noise.  Children should be seen not heard.  All disappointments are blessings in disguise.  You are the queen of sayings.
      My only wish in life is that I can give you as much as you have given me.  I want to have the life you have.  I wish tat I was rich and could get you what ever you want.  I would give the world to you.

Thank you,
Miss Haneefa

*My mom's name is Icis so I call her Ice Cream and since my dad is George he naturally because George-cream.


Tim September 29, 2011 at 1:40 PM  

Really nice letter to your folks.

I'm sure they are so proud of you for how you've turned out :)

Stormy@Big Butt Theory October 4, 2011 at 12:52 PM  

welcome back. I am sure you are goin rock out the last few months of 2011. I know i am. :-)

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