How Low Can You Go

Weight In ...Up But Not Out

>> Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ehhh.....up by 0.4 could be worse, can there ever  be two weeks that I go down in a row?   I am off to DC on Monday, I am so excited to have a break and relax.  Nevertheless, I am taking work with me.   I will be heading to the library to take out some books, any suggestions?  I am taking Book of Negroes with me.  Some people liked it some didn't.  I already bought my trashy magazines, sudoku and crosswords.  My friend who is a retired English teacher made me a 3 page recommendation list, lol!  I have another post in the works about the blog award I got (Thanks again Amberly!) Went to the store and tried on some dresses that were on sale, it made me happy that I can fit into the size 16 comfortably, with a bit of tightness in the breast area, but that has always been an issue.  Didn't buy anything though.

Happy Saturday!


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