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Drama at the Gym

>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am in Zumba class dancing away and a lady goes to put on the fan on the wall in the corner. Lady #2 goes and turns it off, Lady #1 puts it back on, next thing you know they are yelling at each other over the salsa rhythms! Lady #1 goes to the instructor ( who seems to have not noticed what is going on) and says that she is going to pass out if the fan is not turned on. Note that there are about 60 people in the aerobics room class. In the end the instructor makes an announcement about placing yourself accordingly if you do not like the fan to be blown on you. When Lady #1 left (about 15 minutes early), Lady #2 followed, so I am sure that they had words in the locker room.

I am feeling very blah these days, lately I have been feeling very bloated and I am not sure why, it is to the point that I feel sick. I try and drink tea, water and nothing is helping. I think it is because some of the food I had over the last two days had some milk in it ( I am self diagnosed lactose-intolerant). I know that I am up this week and I do that I have to do better on the eating front.

Not looking forward to Saturday's weigh in :(


M February 12, 2010 at 3:49 PM  

Milk can make me feel blah too. Those two ladies were hilarious.

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