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>> Thursday, March 4, 2010

In case you were wondering which of these were the truth, here it is:

1.  I can speak 5 languages; English, French, Japanese, German and Italian LIE- I can speak French and some Japanese, I also took a class in German but that's about it.
2.  I have eaten snake, octopus, goat and alligator LIE- I have never had alligator
3.  I have been to many countries including; Indonisia,  Malaysia, Spain, England, Costa Rica and Venezula--TRUTH!  I love to travel and I am lucky enough to have been to all these countries and a few more.
4.  I once modelled for a plus sized Canadian store but was let go for not shooting a lingerie spread LIE-- I did get a casting call to model for a company but didn't make the cut.
5.  I was hit by a car my last year of high school and spent 3 months in the hospital, missing my prom. LIE--I was hit by a car in my last year of high school and got to miss a Math and Economics exam but that was about it.
6.  I can play the piano, clarinet and saxophone LIE--  I cannot play the sax 
7.  In 2004, I won 150,000$ in the lottery but gave most of it away because it gave me too much stress.LIE--I wish I could win that much money!

Still in DC while my friend is at work I did the Jillian Michael's Trouble Zones Video, man it was hard!  I think that I am going to try the Biggest Loser Bootcamp one tomorrow.

Have a great day! 


M March 4, 2010 at 3:45 PM  

You're so awesome! The Trouble Zones workout is hard, but I love it. It kicks my butt every time. I think it's great that you're working out on vacation!

mandy March 4, 2010 at 9:05 PM  

Hello MsHaneefa,

I tried to send you a private message but I'm being blocked from doing so by blogspot. Nevertheless, you have been selected to participate in the 10 pound weight loss challenge! All you have to do is send 2 photos of yourself on Monday March 8, 2010 one of you standing on the scale and another with a newspaper of that same date. Once you reach a 10pound weight loss send us another photo of you standing on the scale.

Congratulations and good luck,


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