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>> Friday, February 7, 2014

     One of the first pieces if kitchen equipment I bought when I moved to the UAE was a juicer. I really love juicing. I have always been a fan of making drinks (alcoholic and non) and juicing allows me to be creative and healthy at the same time. Juicing also allows me to intake vegetable that I am not usually a fan of (carrots) in quantities that I would never consume. I drink at least two juices a day, usually one for breakfast and one after I workout.   Depending how late it is at night I may have one then too. Here are a few of my favorite juicing combos:

-pineapple, lemon and ginger (you can also add mint)
-carrot, orange and ginger 
-Apple and mint
-cucumber, pear and mint

I have a few more put don't remember them of by heart.

If I could find spinach and kale here I would use those regularly also. When I go home this summer I will definitely incorporate those in my juicing regime.

This morning's after workout juice combo.

If you haven't tried juicing I think you should give it a try, if you are worried about the price of the juicer wait for your next birthday ;) or check Amazon.


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