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>> Friday, May 25, 2012

Hidy Ho Blogger, 
     How are you doing this fine Friday?  Race weekend is here and I am getting excited.  I love the energy of a race and this is the race to top all races.  If you live anywhere near Ottawa and are looking for a big race to do I would HIGHLY recommend running the Ottawa race weekend.  They shut down many of the streets in the city and the whole city comes out to cheer.  There is NOT A SINGLE spot during the course of the race that you will not be cheered on.  If  When I run a full marathon one day and I am not off to some far away place I would like it to be the Ottawa marathon.
  We are going to head to Ottawa tomorrow (about an hour and a half drive) head to the Convention Centre to pick up our  race kits and walk around the centre and check out the booths.  Later in the evening we will watch the 5K, cheer on some friends and have a nice dinner.  Sunday morning is my race and I am really hoping that everything goes well.  They emailed me a virtual race bag which is pretty cool. It has a handbook with tons of info on the races as well as coupons.  I was saying a little prayer for all the runners last night and I really hope that it is not too hot on Sunday.  Last year I saw a few people being treated by ambulances along the route, one guy was only 2K from the finish. That really touched me and I just pray that everyone can finish safe and sound.

I have been journalling and let me tell you that it is really helping.  I have also been BBQing up a storm.  I burned my self on the BBQ last night and now part of my finger is grey like Roger the alien from American Dad.

I am going to make a real effort to head to hot yoga tonight.  I need a good stretch before the race.

Happy Weekend!

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