How Low Can You Go


>> Friday, May 13, 2011

I wish that I was talking about making 2.25$ an hour sewing soccer balls. But I am talking about a class at the gym I went to last night. This was the most I have sweat in a long time, I will definitely be attending this class again. We did lunges across the room floor in different variation (with weights over our heads, while doing bicep curls) My legs were shaking by the end. Then we had to do donkey kicks.

A few times and I swear , I was crying out in pain. That wasn't the end, no, we think did a little step routine and some burpees. He then told us to go down on the mat. I was so happy, until he said to getup, then go back down! I thought I was going to die. Although my body is in pain, I love it!

Tomorrow is my last long run before the half marathon in two weeks! 20k baby!!


Tim May 14, 2011 at 4:24 AM  

I'm sweating just reading that post! As soon as he said "go down on the mat" I probably would have curled up into a ball and fall asleep! lol

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