How Low Can You Go

Back at It (Again)

>> Sunday, February 22, 2015

  What is that saying? Fall down seven times, get up eight? Well I am back at it again. My old scale was fluctuating so much that I decided to buy a new one and I was right, the old scale was 10 pounds off! Yikes!

I am back on a serious regime, working out an hour a day during the week and more on the weekends (I don't have time for more than that). Plus, I tend to stick with it more if I know that I only have to be at the gym for a short amount if time. 

My short term goal is to drop 25 pounds (10% of my weight) and my long term goal is to drop 40 pounds by August. Trying to get back to 212, what I weighed on my 30th birthday. It is not impossible but it is going to take time and determination. I am drinking more water, but I can still do better. I am eating more fish and less crap. 

Last week was week 1 and I dropped 3 pounds. I am aiming for 1 pound this week, so that I can stay on a 2 pound per week loss. I also read that one should drink half their weight in oz of water. That translates to me drinking 4 liters of water a day. I can say that I drink 2 L so I am going to try and drink more.

Wish me luck.  I will try and update a little more often. 

Take care. 


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